Influential Businesswomen Awards – Most Influential Australian Family Travel Writer

I’m honoured to announce that I’ve won a prestigious new award – the  Influential Businesswomen Awards – Most Influential Australian Family Travel Writer

Australian Travel Writer Award 2021

I was shocked and thrilled to find out that I had won a prestigious award – the Influential Businesswomen Awards – Most Influential Family Travel Writer (Australia) award from Acquisition International.

This renown monthly magazine enjoys 100,000+ readers in over 170 countries. I’m truly honoured to be a part of the Business women Awards, and particularly in representing Australia.

Sincere thanks go to those who decided I was worthy to be nominated, I’m surprised and deeply appreciative.

As the pandemic has affected the possibility of attending any award ceremonies, I gratefully received my gorgeous crystal trophy in the mail, and it has taken pride of place in my office!

You can see my official award announcement page here.

Of course, I couldn’t have done this without you – my amazing travel-loving community. Your support means so much to me. Thank you for coming along with me on our journeys as we continue in our quest to find the best family holidays and fun for Australian families!

Let’s go!

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