ABC Radio National interview – Australian family holiday destinations & home schooling

The Let’s go Mum family pop in for a chat on ABC National about all-things Australian family travel and holidays!

ABC Radio National interview

The Let’s go Mum family were interviewed by ABC Canberra’s Mikel Simic about where to go inland and why when on an Australian family holiday!

The show was nationally broadcast on ABC National Digital.

Barbara’s family holiday recommendations include:

  • Inland road trips are often the most adventurous
  • Don’t travel with a deadline – stop where you like
  • Escape the summer exodus to the coast
  • Less crowds and often cheaper
  • It’s not just about the destination, but the journey to get there
  • Discover and learn together

The Let’s go Mum kids Brooke and Samantha loved chatting to Mikel about a kid’s holiday and travel perspective, how they do their home schooling on the road, and what they learn along the way.

The kids’ road-trip fun recommendations include:

  • Making new friends along the way at playground stops
  • Do homeschool work in between epic fun activities
  • Integrate school learning with real-life learning, such as the Ned Kelly trail

You can listen to our Australian family travel road trip recommendations interview on ABC Radio National here.

ABC Radio National interview


Find out more about ABC Canberra at their official website here.




Do you have any favourite inland holiday or road-trip tips? Share them in the comments below!


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