How to buy Disneyland tickets in Australia

Disneyland tickets

Disneyland Resort in California makes an unforgettable Australian family holiday destination – but it’s not all fun and games! You need to do some planning before you go – and that includes how to get your Disneyland entrance tickets.

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Here are some handy tips for what, why and where to buy the right Disneyland tickets in Australia so that you can make the most of your time at Disneyland Resort…

Entering Disneyland California

One of the biggest questions on Aussie parent’s minds when planning a trip to Disneyland is where to buy cheap Disneyland tickets

Where can I buy Disneyland Tickets in Australia?

Our first stop for Disneyland tickets is Klook, a Disneyland ticket reseller.

Not only are Klook Disneyland tickets cheap, once purchased you always have them on you digitally on the Klook app. It’s a simple scan in process at the Disneyland entrance, skipping the queue for tickets.

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Even better, if you’re new to Klook, Let’s Go Mum Readers get $20USD off Disneyland tickets with our code: LETSGOMUM20

Buy your Disneyland tickets online here

In Australia (and many other countries around the world) you can also buy your Disneyland Resort theme park tickets direct from a travel agent in your country, but you will be paying a premium. A travel agent can also include tickets in a Disneyland holiday package.

Disneyland App online Disneyland ticket

Disneyland App online Disneyland ticket

If you are already in the USA or Japan Disneyland tickets can be purchased via the official Disneyland website here or the Disneyland App (like my ticket pictured above).

Which Disneyland tickets should I choose?

Which Disney tickets should I choose?

Disneyland Resort Multi-day tickets are the best choice if you’ve never been to Disneyland before.

It’s best to allow at least three days to cover both parks. Five or seven days are even better! Multi-day tickets of three days or more also include a Magic Morning entry, which is early entry to the park a great bonus.

Buy your Disneyland tickets online here

Tickets are available singly into either theme park, or Disneyland Resort Park Hopper tickets allows you to cross between the two theme parks during the same visit (It’s simply a matter of walking across from one park to the other).

What is the difference between Disney FastPass and MaxPass?

Using our Disneyland App FastPass

Disneyland App FastPass in action

One thing is for certain – your Disneyland time is precious – and valuable. You may have traveled half-way around the world to visit Disneyland. You need to make the most of your time whilst you are there – this is no time to try and save a few dollars! So, it makes good sense to spend a bit more on a MaxPass and streamline your Disneyland ride and entertainment experiences.

What is Disneyland Fastpass?

Fastpass automatically comes with all tickets – it gives each ticket holder the option to virtually queue, so, jump the ride queue up to three times each day.

Your FastPasses are best saved for the most popular rides where there is likely to be a queue, particularly at busier times of the year. They can book up on popular rides, so if you have one ride in mind it’s best to book your FastPass sooner in the day rather than later.

What is Disneyland MaxPass?

Disney MaxPass will cost you an extra $20 USD per ticket and allows you to pre-book your FastPasses virtually using the Disneyland App on your smart phone.

So you can be boarding one ride and simultaneously booking a FastPass for your next.

Max Pass also includes an unlimited Disney Photopass to download all of your Disney ride photos taken throughout the day onto the Disneyland App.

MaxPass is a Disneyland Resort advantage at anytime, but if you are only visiting Disneyland Resort for a limited number of days, you should definitely consider upgrading your standard FastPass ticket to a MaxPass for a more efficient visit.

Download the Disneyland Apps

In preparation for your days at Disney Resort, download the Disney Resort App before you go at the App Store and Google Play. The Play Disney Parks App. is another Disney family essential.

The Disneyland App

The Disneyland Resort App is essential to make the most of your Disney days. Us this app for virtual entry tickets, FastPass, MaxPass, live navigational maps, to find out ride wait times, event information and even where Disney characters are going to appear! Your photo pass ride photos can also be loaded into your app as you make your way around the theme parks.

The Disneyland App shows you ride wait times

The Disneyland App shows you ride wait times

In the USA or Japan, you can also use the Disney Parks App to purchase park tickets. We decided we wanted an extra day at Disneyland before flying home to Australia, and bought tickets using the Disneyland App.

Download the Disney Play App

The Disneyland Resort Play App comes in very handy if you are waiting in line for a ride, as families can use it to play Disney games together! It keeps everyone entertained and is a lot of fun.

Can I connect my paper Disneyland ticket to the App?

Yes you can. It’s a good idea to link your Disneyland Resort ticket to the Disneyland App on your phone before your visit, however you can do this anytime, such as after receiving your ticket (if you bought tickets online) at the gate.

Ticketing and Max Pass work seamlessly within the Disneyland Resort App on your smart phone via a scannable barcode system.

Does holding a Disneyland ticket guarantee entry?

Disneyland entrance

No. Like any other theme park, Disneyland has the potential to reach a maximum number of Guests in the park after which time they will close entry.

Therefore, at peak times such as USA holidays and weekends, it’s highly recommended that you arrive early in the day, prior to opening time.

Where to stay when visiting California Disneyland Resort

Anaheim Marriott Suites apartment hotel

Anaheim Marriott Suites apartment hotel

Disneyland is located around 45 minutes drive from LAX in the city of Anaheim, so it’s important to stay in Anaheim so that you aren’t wasting your precious Disney time commuting each day.

Whilst in Anaheim our family stayed in the Anaheim Marriot Suites, in Garden Grove. Located only minutes from the Disneyland Resort attractions, this elegant hotel is the perfect base for any Disneyland family holiday. Find out more about the Anaheim Marriot Suites hotel here.

Disneyland Dumbo ride

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Let’s Go Mum Readers new to Klook get $20USD off Disneyland tickets with our Disneyland promocode: LETSGOMUM20

Buy your Disneyland tickets online here

Book your Australian family Disneyland holiday today!

Contact your travel agent to book your own magical Disneyland Resort Holiday. More information can be found at

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Where to buy Disneyland tickets in Australia


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