The Australian Outback Spectacular Heartland Show review | Gold Coast, Australia

If you’re holidaying on the Gold Coast, don’t miss this brilliant live dinner show for all ages! Horses, cattle, drama and romance are all part of this unique experience!

Outback Spectacular show

The Australian Outback Spectacular show

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A dinner show like no other!

A family trip to Queensland’s Gold Coast is the perfect time to visit the Australian Outback Spectacular!

We recently experienced the Australian Outback Spectacular for the very first time and found it to be a wonderful family show that we’re still talking about!

The Australian Outback Spectacular is a live show like no other. A unique entertainment-packed pre-show followed by a wonderfully entertaining dinner show suitable for the whole family.

A whole new show – Australia’s Heartland

The latest new show, Australian Outback Spectacular’s Heartland tells a captivating tale of an outback community, and how they band together in the hard times and the good.

The story is told with an immersive mixture of light and sound projections and exciting live action. Courage, comradery, fun and romance of the Australian Outback all comes to the fore in this timeless tale of wonder!

Pre-show fun in the Outback

Bazza's Bar is family friendly

Bazza’s Bar is family friendly

The pre-show entertainment begins an hour and fifteen minutes before showtime, and it’s well worth arriving in good time to enjoy the complete Outback experience!

The fun begins upon arrival as your tickets are scanned at the front entrance and you are issued with your very own cowboy hat!

Entering the pre-show entertainment arena may have you wondering if you’ve somehow been transported to a fair dinkum outback Aussie pub!

Get your photo taken with one of the stars - a cattle dog!

Get your photo taken with one of the stars – a cattle dog!

Bazza’s Pub is filled with excited chatter. Horse stables line one side, a cattle dog sits on a barrel on the other. Standing atop a horse carriage, a lovely country and western singer croons out the country classics whilst cowboy-hatted folk line the bar. Families sit at tables, the kids slurp their coloured slushies, whilst mum and dad enjoy a beer or wine.

This is a really fun place to be, and an essential part of the Australian Outback Experience!

My girls loved the slushies from Bazza's Bar!

My girls loved the slushies from Bazza’s Bar!

People of all ages are here to see the show.

During the pre-show entertainment some unique family photo opportunities are possible too. Everyone wants a photo with the stars of the show – the horses and cattle dog! Your photos can be taken during the pre-show period, purchased and delivered to your table during the show.

This is only the start of the Outback Spectacular experience…

Outback Spectacular – the dinner show – Heartland

Before that start of the Outback Spectacular

Before that start of the Outback Spectacular

With the showtime announcement it’s time for everyone to file into the stadium and be directed to their seats.

The show’s “stage” is a soft dirt arena with a huge high tech electronic screen as a backdrop.

Long, bar-like wooden dining benches allow you to sit comfortably to eat dinner whilst facing the arena front-on to enjoy the show.

The lights dip, and the first dinner course is served as the show begins. It really is spectacular!

The Australian Outback Spectacular Show

The Australian Outback Spectacular Show

The enchanting Heartland story is told through gripping, romantic and thrilling scenes. Scene after scene amazes and delights! Vehicles, horse stunts and so much more. This is no boring theatre show, but a series of scene changes of the most fascinating and electrifying kind. It’s edge-of-the-seat excitment whilst savouring a delicious three course meal – what a marvelous combination!

The Outback Spectacular show rearing horse

The Outback Spectacular show rearing horse

Table service during the show is attentive and seamless. Drinks are topped up and meal courses are whipped away and replaced with the next delectable course at a time appropriate to the show. All culminating in a scrumptious dessert whipped up especially for Heartland!

Australian Outback Spectacular dessert

Australian Outback Spectacular dessert

An Australian show for all Aussie age groups

Young and old all enjoy the Outback Spectacular. The show is clearly an all ages show with a lot of appeal.

Older folk clap and sing along as they recognise much of the Australiana soundtrack. Children’s eyes grow wide with excitement at the appearance of livestock thundering into the arena. Young couples sit closely together, swept up with the romance of it all. Friends and family all gasp at the thrills of the stunts, and at the pure spectacle of this amazing live show!

As dessert is served the show draws to its dramatic close. The audience are encouraged to join in, swaying back and forth in wonder and holding their smart phone torches high in unison – what an amazing experience the Australian Outback Spectacular show has been!

We all loved the Australian Outback Spectacular

We all loved the Australian Outback Spectacular

We absolutely loved our night at the Australian Outback Spectacular – from the pre-show entertainment to the show itself, this really was a wonderful Gold Coast family night to remember!

Show information

How long is the Australian Outback Spectacular?

The Outback Spectacular show runs for one hour and forty five minutes.

When is the Australian Outback Spectacular?

There are mainly evening shows and some Sunday matinees. It’s best to check the official 2022 show calendar here for the correct times and dates.

Where do I get tickets for the Australian Outback Spectacular?

Get your tickets for the Outback Spectacular at the Village Roadshow Theme Parks website here.

Where is the Australian Outback Spectacular located?

The Australian Outback Spectacular address is off the Pacific Motorway at Oxenford on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

How do I get to the Gold Coast of Australia?

You can fly Jetstar Australia direct to the Gold Coast. They offer cheap flights to the Gold Coast with their low flight fares everyday. Check out the latest Jetstar Australia airfare sales here

Where should I stay on the Gold Coast when seeing the Australian Outback Spectacular?

The Sea World Resort offers Outback Spectacular discounts and a shuttle bus to the Australian Outback Spectacular. Sea World Resort is the famous family themed accommodation resort with direct access to the Sea World theme park! You can read all about our stay at the Sea World Resort in our feature article here.

To find out more about the Australian Outback Spectacular, go to their official website here.

Back at the Sea World Resort, we couldn't stop talking about the show!

Back at the Sea World Resort, we couldn’t stop talking about the show!

The Let’s Go Mum family partnered with Destination Gold Coast, The Australian Outback Spectacular and Jetstar Australia for this Gold Coast visit

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Australia's Outback Spectacular review

2 Responses so far.

  1. Lisa says:

    You must have been paid for this review, or saw something totally different to the one we saw, despite it being called the same thing.

    We were disappointed. I’ve been to see 2 of their other productions and was excited to take my kids who are a good age for this kind of show (8 and 10). We have horses and we live semi-rurally, so were excited about what this would showcase.

    Whilst the riding was good, we all felt the trick-riders were simply thrown in for effect and didn’t have any place in the story, and whilst good, you can see it for free at country shows.
    My kids couldn’t follow which character was who as so many had blue shirts. The liberty horse work, while nice, was nothing that my kids can’t do (and they are not accomplished by any means). We never got to see a rear. In previous shows I’ve seen rears, bows, horses lying down to go to sleep and tuck themselves in to bed.

    I’m glad you had a great time, but sadly, we did not. If this was the first one I’d seen, I wouldnt be going back again, unlike with the previous shows I’ve been to. My family certainly aren’t interested in going again after me bigging it up to be ‘spectacular’ 😢

    • LetsGoMum says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry you guys didn’t enjoy it. We weren’t paid for the review but we were sent there by Destination Gold Coast, so hosted (as stated). Firstly, I will say I would NEVER lie about something we didn’t enjoy. Otherwise there’s no point to my travel blog. Secondly, I enjoyed a lot of success in the endurance Australian horse world (way back now LOL), and know my way around a horse. But that’s nothing to do with my and my kids enjoyment of the show. We loved it – where else can you have a yummy served dinner with all that going on in front of you?! I can’t trick ride like them for sure, and the black horse did rear, but I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you guys, that’s a shame. Maybe it was an off night? I think I’f probably still love it! I do hope you did some other fun stuff whilst you were there like Movie World!

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