Closed – Bloco toys product review – plus WIN 1 of 2 toy sets!

Bloco construction toys The Let’s Go Mum! girls Brooke (8) and Samantha (6) were very lucky to test-run two new Bloco build and play toys this week – the Bloco Cat and Kitten set, and the Bloco Horses and Unicorns set. They absolutely LOVE ’em!

Bloco toy components

The two Bloco toy kits unpacked

Bloco construction toys are just brilliant, because they are not just a toy to play with, but a toy that challenges children to use their brains while they are having fun – and the end result toys are super-cute, too! Bright and colourful and with so many ways to interchange pieces, these engaging animal characters go way beyond a one-dimensional toy that quickly bore children. Brooke set to work making herself a cat and managed to sort out the set, read the instructions and

Bloco cat toy

Brooke fell in love with her Bloco cat toy!

build the toys completely unassisted, with Samantha getting a little assistance from mum to construct her horses and unicorns. Bloco toy pieces fit together using a simple connector system. It’s really quite clever, as it allows the finished toys to be moveable, pose-able – and completely play-able! Constructed of quality materials, Bloco toy pieces are made of a soft, tactile foam-rubber that is great for little-kid fingers to pull apart and put back together. It’s extremely durable too – at only 6, Samantha is less dexterous than her big sister, yet no matter how much she stretched and pulled the pieces out of the base sheets, they didn’t tear, and still fit back together beautifully. The recommended age range for Bloco building sets is 6 to 12 years, and I’d say that these toys would easily suit these ages by a comfortable margin. It was clear that the kids were having a

Samantha tackles her Bloco horse set

Samantha begins building her Bloco horse set

ball building their creations, and were delighted with the results of their efforts – some very cute new toys! And if you’re wondering if the fun ends after the toy is built – well, no – certainly not yet! Once built, my girls took their Blocos straight outside into the garden to play, and they even sleep with them at night! Brooke’s cat regularly has it’s little pink slippers and bows put on and off and it gets it’s foam bowl of milk at night. Samantha’s horses and unicorns go everywhere with her, and suffer through numerous accessory and heart decoration colour changes! There are some fabulous Bloco sets available, ranging from colourful  zoo animals to huge dinosaurs, and they make such a great alternative to a more simple run-of-the-mill toy. These would delight kids for birthdays or Christmas because they are just so appealing, fun, and challenging for children to think and build in an achievable way, with an awesome toy as a reward at the end!

Heavy-duty - the kids playing with their Bloco toys in the garden

The fun doesn’t stop after they’re constructed – the kids playing with their Bloco toys in the garden

You can view all the different Bloco toy sets available and order them online from Green Ant Toys here:

Bloco construction toy sets

Just two Bloco sets make all these characters!

The Bloco sets featured in this review were the Bloco Cat and Kitten building set RRP $24.99 and the Bloco Horses & Unicorns building set RRP $39.99 (Prices correct August 2014) Click here to enter the competition...

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We’re very excited that we have 2 fabulous Bloco construction toy sets to give-away to our readers!

This competition is now closed – here are the lucky winners:

J. Farnsworth
T. Smith

Congratulations winners! 

18 Responses so far.

  1. Trudy Smith says:

    These are great. Very lucky to have won one thank you very much!!

  2. Jodie Farnsworth says:

    Thank you so much I will have two very happy girls when they open there bday presents.
    Thank you for such a great competition

  3. nicole morris says:

    my neice would love these!!!!

  4. Jessica Ashbrooke says:

    These look extremely gorgeous and fun

  5. Marise Butler says:

    My child is as lazy as a sloth and refuses to do anything he doesn’t want to. I think he will love this.

  6. Tamara Lamb says:

    What a fantastic product! My 4 year old would love this!

  7. Jodie Farnsworth says:

    Wow thank you for sharing this looks great for my girls

  8. Bec L. says:

    Secretly, we’re helping along their fine motor skills with safe and effective bloco sets, whilst they think they are just having oodles of fun!

  9. Amanda Gorton says:

    Love the Bloco concept, a simple construction toy that teaches so many useful and important skills, not too mention cute AND fun!

  10. Kylie Bowers says:

    Oh wow these look awesome and my daughter would LOVE to play with these!

  11. Lesley Needham says:

    This would be great play therapy for my 4 boys with autism. Fun and mentally stimulating at the same time. 🙂

  12. Sharon Markwell says:

    Do they make Bloco for adults? Doesn’t matter as I will play with the grand-kids’ Bloco and pretend I am babysitting.

  13. Kirsten W says:

    As an engineer, I love anything that gets girls building and creating!

  14. sam says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these cool Bloco sets. They look like so much fun.

  15. LetsGoMum says:

    They keep on keeping on for my two girls – good luck everyone!

  16. Stav Mataia says:

    Great looking toys and a wonderful way for my kiddies to use their initiative whilst having fun at play. Fab creation setting. Thanks for the opportunity Bloco Toys & Let’s Go Mum!!!

  17. Chantel Batley says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these cool Bloco sets. They look like so much fun.

  18. Bella Jevtic says:

    Wow I love Unicorns and would love the challenge of putting the Bloco kid construction set together. Awesome

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