Bratz Dolls are back – Win 1 of 4 new Bratz Dolls!

After a brief hiatus from the Australian toy shelves, Bratz dolls are back! Today our two little toy reviewers Brooke and Samantha check out what all the Bratz-is-back excitement is about…

Win a "Hello My Name Is" Bratz doll

Win a “Hello My Name Is” Bratz doll

It’s easy to see why the new Bratz Dolls are so popular with young girls. – bright, colourful, funky and fun, Bratz dolls are strong female characters that really appeal to kids…

My daughters, 8 year old Samantha and 9 year old Brooke, were lucky enough to receive two of the new-range of Bratz dolls in the mail this week to review. A task they eagerly took on with relish – already, these funky little dolls have caused quite a lot of excitement at our house!

Brooke and Samantha adore their Bratz dolls!

Brooke and Samantha adore their Bratz dolls!

Brooke’s doll, Jade, has a shock of long, luxurious dark hair and is dressed in stylish work-out clothes – she’s the #fiercefitness sports theme Jade Bratz doll model, empowering little girs to be strong and outgoing thanks to the range of #hashtag expressions that come along with her. Jade is labelled with positive inspiration, encouraging Brooke to bring out her “fierceness”, and daring her to “run like a girl” – whilst still being a trendsetter, of course!

As a mother, I love this aspect of Bratz dolls. These are the messages our young girls need to hear to help build self-confidence  – it’s great to finally see toys reinforcing this  – I like to think that subconsciously these positive mantras might just sink in!

In addition to the hash-tag messages, Brooke loves her Bratz doll’s daring fashion sense. The Bratz Jade doll features a punk flair, with coloured – even shaved – hair, and bold brash clothing styles! Brooke, at 9, is starting to appreciate more edgy styles.

Firm but flexible, Bratz dolls are pose-able, dress-able and yet still cuddle-able!

Firm but flexible, Bratz dolls are pose-able, dress-able and yet still cuddle-able!

Samantha’s Bratz doll choice was the Bratz “Hello My Name is” Cloe Doll, a super-glam and ultra-fashionable character with flowing blonde hair styled with a cute topknot. Denim, frills and glitter are her signature style, but she’s not just about the look – Cloe also loves to play soccer, and “sports” some high-fashion soccer boots…to-boot!

Cloe is funky and fashionable – but ready to get down and dirty on the sports field, and Samantha finds this pink-cutesy-crossed-with-sporty combination really appealing – Cloe is just like her!

But from the moment the kids spied their dolls, it was very clear to see that really, playing with Bratz dolls is all about the accessories! The Bratz #fiercefitness Jade doll comes with a hairbrush shaped like a pair of lips (of course!), a large sling-type carry-all bag, water bottle, watch, ipod with ear buds and exercise headband.

The Cloe (left) and Jade (right) Bratz dolls come with lots of accessories

The Cloe (left) and Jade (right) Bratz dolls come with lots of accessories

The Bratz “Hello my name is” Cloe doll comes with her own special set of accessories too – a backpack that actually opens and stores things, lips hairbrush, pot of yoghurt, heart-shaped sunglasses, cute necklace and bow headband.

With all these cute and funky accessories, the girls spent hours interchanging clothes, accessories and feet – Bratz dolls feet snap off – no more lost teeny-tiny shoes going up the vacuum cleaner! Story after story was created by the girls – Bratz dolls certainly inspire creativity through imaginative play. There’s even a Bratz app now available!

The "Hello My Name Is" Jade and #SelfieSnap Jade Bratz models

The “Hello My Name Is” Jade and #SelfieSnap Jade Bratz models

The actual construction of these dolls has a solid, good quality feel to it – weighty yet flexible vinyl allows for doll-cuddling and squeezing of clothes and accessories on and off over and over again without worrying about limbs or heads breaking off where they shouldn’t!

Two more dolls, Yasmin and Sasha round out the Bratz doll line-up, with a new Bratz doll friend Raya. In addition to the girl’s review doll models, there are several other new Bratz doll themes, including the Sleepover Party range and Selfie stick range, plus the #SelfieSnaps model. Each set comes with a range of gorgeous little accessories too, and the Sleepover Party range come with their signature pets – a must-have!

The Bratz dolls Sleepover range come with their own pets and sleeping attire

The Bratz dolls Sleepover range come with their own pets and sleeping attire

All of the new generation of Bratz dolls come in shiny foil display boxes – this makes them an attractive birthday or Christmas gift for any lucky little girl.

The Bratz collection of dolls and play sets range in price from $24.99 to $79.99 from selected toy retailers across Australia.

Bratz Hello My Name Is Doll giveaway

Hello My Name Is Bratz dolls

“Hello My Name Is” Bratz dolls

Now I’m excited to tell you that we’ve partnered up with Bratz to give four of our readers the chance to win a new release Hello My Name Is Bratz doll all of their very-own!

We have four Bratz Hello My Name Is Dolls to giveaway!

2 x Cloe Bratz dolls
1 x Jade Bratz doll
1 x Yasmin Bratz doll

each valued at $29.99 – that’s a total prize value of $119.96! You can enter using the form / button below – and good luck!

Win 1 of 4 New Bratz “My Name Is” Dolls!

Do you have a Bratz doll fan at your house?  Tell us in the comments below!

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14 Responses so far.

  1. sarah B says:

    Thankyou so much Let’s Go much! So excited for my daughter to receive this x

  2. Susan says:

    Yay I’m a winner thank you so so much, going to have one very excited granddaughter

  3. Lynnette bull says:

    Thank you. Just received an email saying I was a lucky winner. My little girl will be excited when this arrived

  4. So interesting to learn more about Bratz dolls! I had no idea they were such strong characters,

  5. Mumma McD says:

    Wow I had no idea the Bratz dolls were such edgy and strong characters! My kids are still a little young for these but good to know for later!

  6. my daughter Mercedes is a huge fan of Bratz dolls

  7. TheBratzPack says:

    I have been in love with the Bratz ever since I was 8 years old and I am 17 now, still going strong hehe. They have always been such a huge part of my life and I feel that they are part of the reason of who I am today! x

  8. Kelly says:

    My three girls are all Bratz fans, from their flare for fashion, to their fun(and very fashionable!)movies, too!

  9. tracey says:

    i have a 10 year old step grand daughter who loves watching bratz and loves her dolls.

  10. Lynnette bull says:

    My 7 year old is a fan but it is my four year old who wants to win so she can have her own Bratz

  11. Jennalee says:

    My twin nieces are the best kind of Bratz just like these Bratz!!! They love Bratz Dolls because of the Fashion, style and accessories! I love Bratz because they are unique and quirky! Let empower young girls to embrace who they are.
    Bratz over Barbie anyday!!

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