Captain Cook Fiji Cruise Northern Lau Islands FAQs

This amazing small luxury passenger cruise to some of the most remote islands in Fiji is a fabulous way to holiday – but with any trip to remote areas, there are always questions! Here are some answers to to help you plan.

Adventure awaits on Caledonian Sky!

Adventure awaits on Caledonian Sky!

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We’ve just returned from a wonderful Fiji cruise visiting authentic Fiji islands with Captain Cook Cruises Caledonian Sky! I’ve written all about our cruise in a detailed Fiji Norther Lau cruise review here, however this article is all about the basic questions you might have when planning your own exciting Norther Lau islands expedition cruise.

Should I bring cash with me on our cruise?

Yes. It’s very useful to bring Fijian cash in small denominations for island visits. Cash can be used to buy coconuts, souvenirs or to give as donations to villages and schools. Village schools appreciate donations for items such as sporting goods and stationery, and also cash.

There will also be a crew shared gratuity box on the reception desk at the end of the cruise, should you choose to reward their amazing service.

You can withdraw or exchange cash for Fijian dollars at the airport

You can withdraw or exchange cash for Fijian dollars at the airport

Are there any special events during our Captain Cook Fiji cruise?

During our cruise there were two themed evening events – a tropical night and a white night. These were a lot of fun to dress up for, however they aren’t compulsory.

White night was pretty casual. Clothing ranged from white shorts and shirts up to cocktail dresses and strappy sandals.

Tropical, or island night, was a rainbow of bright bula shirts, dresses and sarongs. Anything goes, really!

There was also an island Farewell dinner where we were guests of the villager’s feast. Most people wore smart casual with dresses covering over knees and/or shirts covering shoulders.

What is the dress code onboard Caledonian Sky?

Captain Cook Cruises Caledonian Sky

Adventure cruise dress codes are less formal and more fun!

As the Fijian climate is a warm and sunny one for the most part, the order of the day was mostly shorts and t-shirts – especially for all the adventurous things we go up to on our cruise! Climbing in and out of Zodiac boats, walking along beaches, etc.

In the evenings the dress code for dinner was usually referred to in the daily newsletter as “Smart Casual” and there were no Formal nights, although the first night was referred to as a chance to dress up more than the rest.

For the dining room, a dress or smart pants, sports shirt plus shoes or sandals seemed to be the general order of the day throughout the cruise.

As mentioned there were two themed nights, plus I was invited a a Captain’s cocktail party which I felt required smarter attire, but it did coincide with “White Night”.

General ship’s guidelines were akin to the local RSL club – shirt and shoes – plus no wet swimming costumes in the lounge areas!

What should I wear when visiting Fijian villages?

it's respectful to cover down to your knees and over your shoulders in villages

it’s respectful to cover down to your knees and over your shoulders in villages

There is a respectful dress code for visiting Fijian villages, and as cruise passengers are honoured guests it is important to follow them. The basics are to cover your knees and shoulders, and not to wear hats or glasses on your head.

Sarongs on board sold out and were mostly worn by the men to cover their knees. If you have no long clothing with you, you can always improvise and wear a towel!

It’s acceptable to wear swimsuits and normal beach attire when enjoying the village’s island beaches.

Amazing traditional village entertainment

Amazing traditional village entertainment

Is there a swimming pool onboard Caledonian Sky?

No, there’s isn’t a pool on the Caledonian Sky, however most daytime swimming was carried out snorkelling, or on incredibly gorgeous beaches with white sand, blue, blue water and gently swaying palm trees. There was even a portable bar supplied! We didn’t miss a pool onboard.

Are beach towels supplied on our cruise?

Yes! In addition to beach towels in our wardrobe, beach towels were available separately from reception each day.

Don't worry about packing towels for the beach - they are supplied for your beach days

Don’t worry about packing towels for the beach – they are supplied for your beach days

Is sunblock supplied on our cruise?

No, you’ll need to bring your own sunblock, however the ship does stock a limited supply of essential items and some souvenirs like sarongs and caps. Be aware that sarongs can sell out due to the demand from passengers wanting to cover their knees in short skirts and shorts when visiting island villages.

Are reef shoes and snorkel gear supplied on our cruise?

We loved to snorkel and the snorkel gear is supplied

We loved to snorkel and the snorkel gear is supplied

Snorkel gear is supplied for no extra charge and issued on the first day of the cruise, however guests should bring their own reef shoes or thongs as all island landings are wet landings – even the evening village feast!

What are the zodiac boats like to ride in?

Riding in Zodiac boats is lots of fun!

Riding in Zodiac boats is lots of fun!

Zodiac inflatable boats serve as the Caledonian Sky’s tender boats to shore and also for dedicated snorkelling, diving or touring. They are tough, fast adventure boats that hold up to 10 people comfortably and can navigate all kinds of conditions. The Caledonian Sky is also equipped with large life boats.

All zodiac passengers are required to wear their own numbered life jacket. You’ll find your zodiac life jacket hanging on a hook in your suite. Smaller than your larger evacuation life jacket stored in your wardrobe, this zodiac lifejacket is thinner as it only inflates when it comes into contact with water. This makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods.

Zodiac boats are great to navigate narrow areas

Zodiac boats are great to navigate narrow areas

The Caledonian Sky Zodiacs are boarded from the low deck off the back of the ship. If there is an active sea swell they can be a little unsteady but safe to board thanks to the highly experienced Caledonian Sky crew. They will quickly teach you how to board using a Sailor’s Grip – a firm hand-to-wrist hold using both hands. The crew will pass your bags and gear to you once seated safely on the inside the zodiac.

Do you get wet in a zodiac boat?

You can get splashed in zodiacs!

You can get splashed in zodiacs!

Whilst you usually remain dry except for sea spray, it’s possible to get splashed in a zodiac as they do bounce around a little. You will get wet feet when disembarking on the beaches of the islands. There are no wharf landings during the Northern Lau cruis, so be sure to wear waterproof shoes such as reef shoes (available from most discount or sports stores) or rubber thongs (flip-flops). Caledonian Sky crew will teach you the safest and easiest way to alight from the side of a zodiac, and they usually supply a plastic step both into the boat and out of it for easier access.

Is there WIFI on board Caledonian Sky?

Yes there is free WIFI internet onboard the Caledonian Sky. The ship also has a telephone line for emergencies.

Personal mobile phone range can be very intermittent, however even though the Northern Lau Islands are remote the Caledonian Sky maintained unlimited satellite WIFI range for the whole cruise. Therefore you don’t need to worry about falling out of touch with loved ones back at home, or missing those important business emails!

What kind of electrical plugs are needed on the cruise ship?

The supplied power board with usb sockets on one end and the travel plug convertor

The supplied power board with usb sockets on one end and the travel plug convertor

Fiji’s 3 pin standard plug is the same as Australia’s, however the Caledonian Sky is designed with US plug inlets or European two pins.

A power board with multiple usb inlets on one end was supplied in our rooms, and came in very handy. A travel convertor plug was also supplied in our suites, although I believe this was only available with our class of suite. The convertor was multi-country, and so worked with Australian plugs. I used this one to power my Australian plug laptop.

Can you drink the water onboard the cruise ship?

With a firm eye on sustainability, Captain Cook Cruises decide to help combat plastic waste by encouraging guests to use refillable water bottles instead of plastic disposable ones. A reusable steel water bottle was supplied per person in each cabin, and a drinking water station was available to refill bottles on Deck 3.

The drinking water station was located on Deck 3 onboard

The drinking water station was located on Deck 3 onboard

Does the Caledonian Sky have a drinks package?

No, however beer, wine and soft drinks with meals are included in the price. Some drinks may also be included for special events. Other drinks are available for purchase from the bar, and you will be invoiced for these upon check out. As a rough guide, soft drinks are charged at $8 Fijian dollars.

Crew serving cocktails from the bar

You can order all kinds of cocktails from the bar

How much is a standard doctor’s appointment onboard the cruise ship?

A doctor’s appointment at the ship’s hospital including some medication for basic illnesses is around $135 Fijian dollars.

Are children allowed on the Captain Cook Cruises Northern Lau cruise?

Yes, children above five years of age are welcome on board and can take part in many of the cruise activities available. The Caledonian Sky Northern Lau islands cruise is suitable for families with kids aged five and above.

What is a good Nadi hotel to stay at the night before the cruise?

The Fiji Gateway Hotel is right across the road from the Nadi International Airport, and it’s a simple matter to take a Taxi to Port Denarau to connect with the Caledonian Sky. There are more Nadi hotel options including Crowne Plaza Fiji Nadi Bay Resort & Spa, and in the Port Denarau area there is the Sheraton Denarau Villas and Sheraton Fiji Golf & Beach Resort.

How do I book a cruise with Captain Cook Fiji Cruises?

You can read all about our cruise in more detail in my Captain Cook Fiji Norther Lau cruise review here.

Book your own Captain Cook Fiji cruises Norther Lau expedition on their official website here – cruise prices start from $7,693, and they have regular specials too.

What’s the best airline to fly from Australia to Fiji?

Fly Jetstar to Tokyo

We partnered with Jetstar Australia to fly from Australia to Fiji to cruise with Captain Cook Fiji.  See Jetstar Australia’s cheap Fiji flights here

Jetstar Australia offer cheap fares to Fiji every day – check their website for their low Fiji fares and frequent sales.

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Glass bottom kayak

The Let’s Go Mum family were invited guests of Captain Cook Cruises Fiji for this cruise and partnered with Jetstar Australia airlines to fly to Fiji.  As always, all opinions are our own.

All prices and facts mentioned were correct as at April 2024. Please always re-check the source for current prices.

This page may contain affiliate links. If you book a stay or an attraction through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support!

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