Stick on adhesive road map of Australia for caravans review

We were asked to test run a fabric map of Australia wall sticker, and we couldn’t believe the features of this gorgeous road trip map – plus we have a 15% off discount code for you!

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Stick on map of Australia for caravans

This is one for our Aussie lap, vanlife, caravanning and motorhome trippers – plus homeschooling folk!
We’ve recently received a new map of Australia that sticks to the wall inside our caravan, and I’m totally in love it!
Our new educational “Australia Road Trip” fabric wall sticker is so elegant. For me, it has a vintage-y, retro feel about it.
Australia map detail

A closer look at the detail – there are so many town names!

The map features numerous Australian town names – not just the major cities & towns, and it includes the major highways and roads too. It’s incredibly detailed – much more than many comparable maps.

And unlike some other cheaper maps on the market, not only does it look and feel luxurious – it won’t rip paint off or damage your caravan walls.

To see what our map actually looks like in our caravan, watch our video here

This stick-up map of Australia looks gorgeous in our caravan, but would also be just as perfect for your kid’s bedroom or learning area, or even the family kitchen or lounge.

It comes in different colours (mine is pink – so gorgeous!) and sizes, plus there’s a cut-out shape option which takes up a smaller space, such as on a fridge.

Our caravan Australia road map is the 50 x 70cm size. It’s just perfect for our Adria caravan, and suits the white, clean caravan decor.

Amazingly you can remove & reuse this adhesive map of Australia over and over – so if you’re doing the lap around Australia you can move it into your home when you’re done to remind you of your trip around Australia.

If you want to store it, all you need to do is stick it back onto its backing paper – so be sure to keep in in the cardboard roll it was mailed in! Our map will always be our Aussie road tripping souvenir!

Caravan map of Australia

The map is made with water based inks, as they are the best for the environment and don’t release toxic fumes into your caravan or room.
You can even use permanent markers to write on it to mark your travels/draw your route and the marker doesn’t go through onto the wall

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Go to the Wondermade Fabric Wall Decals website & order this map, because I’m sure you’re going to love it just as much as I do!
The Wondermade Fabric wall map of Australia website page
The Let’s Go Mum website partnered with Wondermade for this article. As always, all opinions remain firmly our own.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin Moss says:

    If available on the market, we would like to purchase a stick on map of Australia to stick on to the fixed backing of the drop down table outside our caravan. We have seen them on other caravans and they take up the full space – they look very practical and appealing. The measurements of the backing being 700mm wide and 350mm deep. When sitting outdoors and with other travelers it is a handy reference when discussing places, as well as marking the route we have travelled, and future routes.

    • LetsGoMum says:

      Hi Kevin, you can waterproof this one with a light spray, however you may need to search for an outdoor vinyl type? This one is a fabric touch type which may not stand up to the rigours of the weather.

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