Cupcakes Delivered review + discount coupon!

We received a little piece of heaven in the mail this week…
gorgeous cupcake gift boxes from Cupcakes Delivered! Cupcakes Delivered

Here’s a brilliant new gift idea – Cupcakes Delivered!

Beautifully packaged, these cupcakes are a gorgeous surprise gift to receive. They are absolutely perfect for so many occasions too – birthdays, new baby arrivals (order pink or blue icing!), a congratulation gift (graduations, weddings, new job…) and of course, love – who needs boring old flowers and chocolates when you can have cupcakes?!

These look good enough to eat! Samantha savours her Cupcakes Delivered cupcake
Samantha savours her Cupcakes Delivered cupcake

it’s tough to think of a celebration where these wouldn’t be a great surprise! Even corporate branding is available as a cupcake-topper, which makes them a really unique business catering idea or gift. Plus these cupcakes are so pretty to look at that they would be perfect for super-stylish party display tables too.

Cupcakes Delivered cupcakes don’t just look good – they really are delicious! There are a lot of bland-tasting cupcakes out there nowadays, but these taste just like they should – the real bakery item.

We had a Mixed Dozen box with both vanilla and chocolate mud, plus a Choc Decadence box of all chocolate mud. The vanilla was deliciously light, and the chocolate mud was rich and chocolate-y – real mud cake, not pretend!

Choc Decadence is choc heaven!

Choc Decadence is choc heaven!

All of the cupcakes were beautifully decorated with a melt-in-the-mouth icing swirl – some with choc sprinkles – some with party-confetti sprinkles, topping them off nicely.

Cupcakes Delivered packaging is top-quality and stylish
Cupcakes Delivered packaging is top-quality and stylish

But how do the Cupcakes Delivered crew manage to mail these cupcakes without them losing their shape, icing or freshness? It’s quite ingenious really. The cupcakes themselves are packed within individual cells which keep the cake, icing and sprinkles exactly where they should be.

The cupcakes sit inside a pretty pink cupcake box of superior quality, packed within an insulated satchel with a cool-pack bag inside. This whole package is packed within yet another lovely gift box. It all looks great and works like a charm – cool, scrumptious cupcakes that taste super-fresh.

My whole family loved these cupcakes, including my extremely fussy 7 year old, Samantha – if something passes her taste test, it has to be good! She normally just licks the icing off cupcakes, but she ate the whole of her Cupcakes Delivered cupcake and asked for another! Indeed, both kids were clamouring for more cupcakes and I must admit that I went for seconds too – they were just too hard to resist!

Brooke and Samantha give Cupcakes Delivered cupcakes the taste test - loved them!

Brooke and Samantha give Cupcakes Delivered cupcakes the taste test – they loved them!

I’m excited to tell you that I have been given an exclusive discount for my Let’s Go Mum readers! You can use the below voucher and discount code to get $5 off a Cupcakes Delivered purchase! To check out all the yummy options to order, you can visit the Cupcakes Delivered website here

Cupcakes Delivered discount coupon

Let’s Go Mum! reader’s Cupcakes Delivered $10-off discount coupon!

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