LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel & Magic Wizard theme room review

An Australian family holiday to California wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the LEGOLAND California Resort! Take our video tours of our LEGOLAND themed room, the Castle Hotel and theme park!

LEGOLAND California

The LEGOLAND Resort California is a popular family theme park and hotel complex located in Carlsbad, California.

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LEGOLAND California theme park

Designed for family fun with a focus on young children, the resort offers an exciting, immersive experience for any little LEGO fan. This resort especially appeals to children who are in the toddler/pre-schooler to twelve years of age range.

The LEGOLAND California theme park

LEGOLAND California theme park

No time to read? Watch our LEGOLAND theme park video!

The LEGOLAND theme park offers a whole host of fun and exciting rides. From the slow paced fairytale boat rides, LEGO car tracks and magical underwater submarines to the more fast-paced spinning rides and thrilling roller coasters. The brand new LEGO MOVIE WORLD is also now open!

LEGOLAND California rides

With on-site restaurants, a 4D cinema and LEGO gift shops, there’s plenty to see and do to keep the whole family entertained for a full day (or two!) of LEGO fun.

Where to stay at LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel

No time to read? Watch our LEGOLAND Castle Hotel video!

There are two on-site hotels to choose from at LEGOLAND California and I highly recommend a stay at one of them during your LEGOLAND holiday. It really adds to the whole magical LEGOLAND experience!

Convenience-wise, both LEGOLAND hotels are situated right next to the main entrance of the LEGOLAND theme park, so it’s as simple as walking out of your hotel and into LEGOLAND.

The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

The LEGOLAND Resort hotel is decked out in bright LEGO primary colors and offers a range of traditional LEGO character themed rooms, including LEGO Friends, Ninjago, Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom themed rooms. Facilities at the LEGOLAND Hotel include a restaurant and gift shop.

Whilst at LEGOLAND we stayed at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, and so my main focus for this article is going to be on that hotel – purely because it was our personal hotel review experience!

The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel

We had an amazing time staying at the LEGOLAND Castle, and couldn’t believe the attention to detail and interactive features throughout the hotel.

From the moment we crossed the grand castle drawbridge we were totally enchanted. The entrance foyer rang-out with the welcoming cries of a magical LEGO wizard. He stood poised above a gigantic LEGO pit – a staff in one hand and an owl on the other!

The walls were lined with LEGO – medieval style! Shields, banners, turrets and everything LEGO.

A flight of grand stairs rose up over a cute little LEGO dungeon beneath. One side of the stairs revealed that the most fun way back down was to take the slide!

This is a hotel unashamedly geared to delighting both kids and parents alike.

LEGOLAND California Hotel Magic

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel restaurant

Once checked in we discovered that the theme continued throughout the entire Castle Hotel with more fun interactive LEGO characters and features. There was a talking throne to sit on, a Harry Potter sorting hat to try and many more LEGO feature installations to explore.

LEGOLAND California Dragons Den Restaurant

The elevator is a sound and light experience all of its own.

Larger than life LEGO characters stroll the floors for awesome photo opportunities.

The Dragon’s Den restaurant & bar is fabulously decked out in still more LEGO (of course), with it’s own LEGO brick pit and a selection of kid-approved meals, such as rainbow cereal for breakfast!

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel breakfast room

There’s a handy in-house LEGO gift shop for last-minute souvenir purchases.

On a California road trip like ours this was also a great place to catch up on some washing thanks to the free guest laundry on our floor.

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel Swimming Pool & Courtyard

LEGOLAND California Courtyard and playground

You may be asking yourself, which LEGOLAND California hotel has a swimming pool? Or do both LEGOLAND Hotels have a pool?

The answer is that the Castle Hotel is the LEGOLAND Hotel which hosts the resort swimming pool.

Outside in the Castle Hotel courtyard there’s a large resort pool area complete with a beautiful swimming pool plus lounges and a cafe.

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel pool
Free life jackets are available for small children for peace of mind. In the pool you’ll also find floating LEGO bricks!

A LEGO playground overlooks an outdoor cinema and entertainment area, complete with scattered LEGO character statues.

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel courtyard

There’s a small stage for still-more entertainment once the LEGOLAND theme park is finally closed for the day.

Enjoying the nightly family entertainment is a really fun way to complete what has already been a wonderful family fun day together.

LEGOLAND Magic Wizard themed room

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

No time to read? Watch our LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Magic Wizard Themed Room video!

There are several LEGO themed rooms to choose from at the Castle Hotel, including the Knights and Dragons themed room and the Royal Princess themed room.

We chose to stay in a Magic Wizard LEGO themed room, and were amazed at how much fun it was!

The room looked like a magical LEGO bomb had gone off – it was completely decorated from top to bottom in colourful LEGO style wall paper and carpet.

Glittery lights lined the walls and large-scale LEGO creations were ours to privately enjoy.

LEGOLAND California Magic Wizard themed room

A large LEGO cat welcomed us at the door, guarding a locked box – later revealed to be holding a special LEGO gift via solving a treasure hunt code.

LEGOLAND California Hotel - Spoiler alert - There are Lego set gifts inside the locked box in your room!

Spoiler alert – There are Lego gifts inside the locked box in your room!

In the children’s room on the left there was a double-bunk decked out in everything LEGO, with garlands and characters decorating the walls, as well as a plastic treasure chest and flat screen television.

The hallway held a fridge, safe, pod coffee machine and a LEGO head ice bucket. A cute LEGO mouse rested on a LEGO book, and a big plastic block housed LEGO bricks for the kids to play with.

There were complimentary refreshments to welcome us too; fruit pouches for the kids and water bottles.

LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel bathroomIn the bathroom there were pictures of mysterious potions on the walls, LEGO-built torches, a decorative adventure book, cute shower/bath curtain and naturally, LEGO-style colourful bathroom tiles. It’s was all so much fun!

The main bedroom, I must say, was a lot of fun for parents to sleep in! There were wise LEGO owls in the corner, LEGO potion bottles that lit up via a switch, a large flat screen TV and the carpet even had a spilled potion bottle on it!

The view from our apartment looked out across the whole main entertainment courtyard and pool area.

Where is LEGOLAND California?

The LEGOLAND resort is around one-and-a-half hours drive from Los Angeles and half an hour from San Diego CA. There are large car parks at LEGOLAND CA.

Catch the train to LEGOLAND

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train

We caught the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train from Los Angeles central station to Carlsbad railway station. The train journey took a couple of hours, and had stunning ocean views along the way.

The California railway is definitely a great way to get to LEGOLAND!

After our LEGOLAND trip stop we continued on down to San Diego, which is another brilliant destination for Australian families to visit in California.

How do you book a LEGOLAND holiday from Australia?

To book your LEGOLAND California Resort holiday see your travel agent or go to their official website here to find out more.

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This article is meant to inspire travel to California once it is safe to do to. The attractions and experiences featured in this article may be temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please consult official travel resources and individual businesses to confirm future plans.

The Let’s Go Mum family partnered with LEGOLAND California Resort and Visit California and their supporting partners for this trip.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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