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Love That Pet review As pet-lovers, we often need an online pet store at one time or another. I use them regularly, particularly for the planned essentials – wormers, spot-on flea treatments – the basic pet needs that all dogs and cats need. But in the past, I’ve found online pet shops frustrating. Late deliveries, bad communication – just this Christmas we found ourselves impatiently waiting for a pet store delivery that took three weeks! Still, online pet stores work out cheaper and easier for pet owners to access than travelling to an actual pet shop – and for folks like me that find themselves remembering what they need in the wee hours of the morning, they definitely have their uses! So when I was given a shopping voucher and invited to try Love That Pet online pet store, a great new online pet info, community and shopping website, I was eager to see what they had to offer – and how their prices compared with other online pet shops!

As soon as I navigated to Love That Pet, I found myself drawn to their pet information sections, using the left-hand menu navigation buttons. There is information on an extensive range of pets – from the smallest to the largest domestic pet! The tips are interesting and useful – and even unexpected! We have a new baby rabbit, and in about one minute I had learned several facts about rabbits that I had had no idea about previously (For example, put hay over the rabbit’s toilet tray – ah! So that’s why he wasn’t keen on using it!). After a combing through the pet info, I decided to check out what else Love That Pet had to offer – as it turns out, quite a lot! There are pet communities and forums (with a resident vet!), and even a funny pet photo section that had the whole family laughing! Check out the mouse with it’s teddy for ultra-cuteness…

Love That Pet LOL pic!

Love That Pet LOL pic!

Then it was time to go shopping by clicking into the Love That Pet online pet store. The first thing that was obvious, was that this pet store sells quality pet products. The cosy-looking dog and cat beds, the solid and attractive leads and harnesses (pink hearts – so cute!) – plus a stack of toys and other accessories. The best thing though, was the fact that they sell all the top brands of wormers and flea removal products for both dogs and cats – so you can do a proper flea or wormer (or combined) product comparison on the one website – and a quick Google reveals just how price-competitive Love That Pet is, too.

The thing I really liked about this website was the easy, clear navigation menu. I could find exactly what I wanted, pricing was clear and each product I purchased was a simple price selection click into the cart. Upon check out, I was really happy to find that Paypal was accepted as well as credit card (saves typing in all those numbers – I’m lazy!). The next morning I received an email with my delivery estimated times, which were more than reasonable at just one week from my order date.

A great online pet store ordering experience.

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