Memory Walk & Jog 2018 – It’s Time to Register & Beat Dementia!

It’s time! The Let’s go Mum family were very proud to be a part of the new ad campaign to help promote the Memory Walk & Jog​ 2018 and beat Dementia.

Memory Walk & Jog 2018

It’s Time to register for your local Memory Walk & Jog – we’ll be there – will you? Please join us!

Did you know that Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia? It’s a shocking statistic which surprises many.

Last year we were honoured to be asked to help promote the Memory Walk & Jog, and this year the girls were invited to feature in their new promotional campaign “It’s Time”! As always, we were delighted to help support this worthy cause in any way we could. After two days filming, the national campaign has now been created and released!

Please join us in the fight to beat Dementia – this is a great family activity which encourages everyone to get active for a really great cause! Registrations are open now, and you can find your nearest Memory Walk & Jog organised walk here.

Watch the Memory Walk & Jog promotional video

(Watch for our girls playing ball/walking and my own lovely screeching “It’s Time!”at them in the ad here – Haha!)

Play the video to below to watch the official Memory Walk & Jog 2018 promotional ad…

Watch it on the Memory Walk & Jog official Facebook Page here

Watch the behind the scenes video here

A sneak-peak of the behind the scenes Memory Walk and Jog filming days, proud ambassadors, awesome volunteers – and of course the fun and games which our Let’s go Mum girls always manage to bring with them – no matter where they are or what they’re doing!

You can register for the Memory Walk & Jog 2018 at their official website here.


Are you going to participate in a Memory Walk and Jog in 2018? Tell us in the comments below!


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