Messy Weekend Snow & Ski Goggles review

We were asked to test run the Messy Weekend snow goggles range, and were very impressed with the incredible snow-vision qualities of this oh-so-stylish European designer – plus we have a 15% off discount code for you!

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Messy Weekend snow goggles

It’s no secret that our family are mad snow skiers. So when we were sent some Messy Weekend snow goggles, we were very keen to learn just how these scientifically designed beauties work!

There’s an awful lot of features that make these gorgeous Messy Weekend snow sports goggles stand out from the crowd – firstly, they are just stunning to look at. But of course, ski and snowboarding goggles aren’t just about the looks (although I must say, these goggles are fabulously stylish and cool!) – they are more importantly about how they handle the constantly changing visibility conditions to keep your vision the best it can possibly be on the mountain.

A huge feature that distinguishes MW from their competitors is the magnetic lenses.

One option new, cutting edge option is their photo chromatic, or a light-activated tint lense, which seamlessly transitions from ski slope to the Après ski café.

It would be fair to say that these goggles are SO scientifically superior in design overall, that they’re way too advanced for me to reliably talk about!  So forgive me if I borrow a little bit from the messy weekend designers themselves…

Magnetic construction

Eight powerful magnets hold the goggle lenses securely in place. They form a tightly sealed environment, eliminating any chance of gaps occurring that might cause a change in vision. The logic behind the magnet technology is not simply that they fit perfectly, but also the ability to exchange using only one hand.


Float II ski goggles

The FLOAT II snow goggles lenses are spherical in appearance and available in two different colour variations: the XE2 Green Revo and the XE2 Silver.

Taking a look at the exterior, you can see the frame is a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane which is an extremely flexible and durable materials This is covered with a cutting-edge protective and insulating foam technology. The foam is triple layered and therefore provides an exceptionally comfortable fit. While being secure, the foam enables a pleasantly light airflow to prevent the fogging of the lenses and moisture-wicking.

Accessories are included

Messy Weekend goggle accessories

Each pair of goggles has an assortment of additional items including: a yellow overcast lense which provides greater distinction and clarity, a microfiber bag to ensure safer scratch-free protection, a stylish MessyWeekend sticker and a hard case for safe storage and transport enabling all your hurtling-down-a-mountain needs.


Messy Weekend ACHTON snow goggles

The name ACHTON originates from the Danish arctic explorer: Achton Friis who was one of the original trailblazers on the Denmark Expedition to Northeast Greenland in the early 20th century.

In comparison to the FLOAT II, the ACHTON lenses are cylindrically shaped which provides a greatly enhanced peripheral field overview. The shape of the lenses improves the individuals’ field of view by 18% compared to the FLOAT II and most other snow goggles.

The lenses are available in three different colour variations: XE2 Green Revo, XE2 Silver and the newest update XEp photochromic.

The Float II has similar features as the ACHTON frame – covered with the same lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane foam.

All of the same exciting additional extras are provided with the ACHTON.

Further in-depth information about MW goggle lenses

XE2 Messy Weekend lenses

Messy Weekend XE2 goggle lenses

The XE2 dual-pane lenses ensure that there is minimal space between the panes which are filled with air-pockets that provide insulation from the cold, outside air and the body heat from inside.

The lenses are made from the highest Grade 1 polycarbonate optical quality which contributes to the practicality, durability and lightweight feel of the goggles.

THE XE2 lenses offer a purple base and with a high-contrast view. These different kinds of contrast maintain a higher visibility under all circumstances meaning sight in different weather conditions is a challenge the XE2 can handle with flawless ease, especially when it comes to snow activities.

The inside of the XE2 lenses has an anti-fog coating that provides clear eye vision in wetter conditions. When combined with the ventilation system; picturesque views are promised, even when it gets a little steamy.
The outside is also coated with a nano-coating to maximize scratch resistance and a superhydrophobic coating brings valuable water repellency and in turn, an easy clean.

Float II Green Revo lenses ski goggles

The Revo variation and the mirror surface coating technology were developed by NASA – it is the same technology astronauts use for solar protection – ensuring astronomical levels of protection.

Besides all the cool features they of course also block harmful blue light and cover the regular protection of full UV400 (UVA+UVB).

Messy Weekend XEp goggle lenses

Photo chromatic lenses

The XEp lenses adapt to whatever weather conditions Mother Nature can throw at you and allow great sight on the mountain. The XEp lenses provide upgraded and enhanced versions of the same features as the XE2 lenses and therefore make them practically unbreakable.

The difference from the XE2 lenses is that the photochromic molecules included in the lenses are constantly adapting and recalibrating to light stimuli.

The photochromic molecules contain patented photochromic dyes which enable them to fully darken the lenses in under 25 seconds when introduced to powerful solar rays.

Even during that transition, a full UV400 protection can be guaranteed.

THE XEp is produced with a patented molded-in film technology that ensures perfect sight, uniformed color change and heavy weather resistance. Even with encountering a change in lighting, the tint of the goggles adapts perfectly.

Clean Oceans Initiative

Clean oceans initiative

We especially love that this forward-thinking European eyewear company give back to the environment with every sale.

MessyWeekend partnered with the NGO 4THEPLANET to found the project “ORIGINES.”

The initiative is determined to design a sustainable method for the clean up of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean. For every pair of MessyWeekend sunglasses and snow goggles sold, 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of trash is collected.

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Go to the Messy Weekend website to browse the different ski goggles range here.

The Let’s Go Mum family partnered with Messy Weekend snow gear for this article. As always, all opinions remain firmly our own.

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