Perisher NSW Skitube Terminal, Timetable & more – a beginner’s guide

This passenger train to Perisher Ski Resort, NSW is a fast, easy way to the snow – and no snow chains are required! Follow our guide for an easy ride!

Perisher Skitube

Planning a ski trip to the New South Wales Ski Fields can seem a bit like an organisational nightmare – but make it super-easy on yourself by catching a ride on the Skitube!

The Skitube is a swiss-style mountain passenger train which takes you from Bullocks Flat and climbs up through the mountains via a tunnel to the Perisher Ski Resort (and on to Mount Blue Cow).

Perisher Skitube

Where is the Skitube Terminal located?

The Skitube Bullocks Flat Terminal is located on the Alpine Way, around 20 minutes drive and 20 kilometres from the town of Jindabyne, NSW.

How long does the Perisher Skitube take?

The Skitube takes ten minutes from Bullocks Flat to Perisher Valley. Most of the journey is spent in the tunnel.

Free parking, no snow chains – and no National Park Permit required

Skitube free overnight carpark

The Bullocks Flat Terminal, or station, is located below the snow line, and prior to the ticket-booth entrance to the Kosciuszko National Park. This means that you aren’t required to carry snow chains in your 2WD passenger car to get there, like you are once you enter the National Park during winter. You also don’t need to purchase a National Park permit, as this cost is included in your Skitube ticket. In addition you can park for free!

Where do I get Skitube tickets/timetable?

Currently (2020) Skitube tickets can only be purchased online on the Perisher Ski Resort website. Your ski lift tickets and Skitube journey can all be loaded onto the same card, which is reusable from year to year. If you don’t already have one you’ll need to either have it mailed out to you, or pick it up inside the Terminal prior to your journey.

Riding the Perisher Ski tube

Skitubes leave regularly from the Bullock’s Flat station from very early to late, around every twenty minutes-half an hour. Skitubes only run during the ski season, which normally runs Winter through to Spring.

How much do Skitube tickets cost?

Skitube tickets are available as add-ons to your Perisher lift tickets, however individual ride tickets are also available. Prices are as follows:

A one day Skitube return trip ticket is $58

A return Skitube ticket valid for use within a 14 day period is $101

A season pass valid for unlimited Skitube use during the whole 2021 winter season is $449

Where to get Skitube ride tickets the 2021 winter season

You can book your Ski tube tickets online and see the most recent Ski tube timetable at the Perisher Ski Resort website here.

Perisher ski lift passes can have the Skitube tickets added onto them online

Perisher ski lift passes can have the Skitube tickets added onto them online

How do I catch the Ski Tube?

Watch our Perisher Skitube  video to see how it all works

The basic steps to catching the Perisher Skitube are:

  • Drive to the Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal on Alpine Way
  • Drop your passengers and luggage or ski gear off at the kerb near the main entrance. After you’ve unloaded, follow the signs to park your car in the free carpark – it’s a two minute walk back to the terminal from the overnight or day carpark.
  • Hire a trolley cart if you have a lot of luggage and gear to manage. You can take the cart onboard the Skitube. In 2020 the cost was $4.
  • Proceed into the terminal. Collect your tickets from the counter if you don’t already have them. Otherwise, simply proceed to the gates and swipe through with your Skitube ticket/pass.
  • Board the Skitube. Take a seat! Make sure your gear or trolley is placed in a way that it can’t slide away from you as you ascend the mountain in the train, as it does slope up a little!
  • Ten minutes later, depart the Skitube at the Perisher Terminal. A lift is available for your luggage cart, but unless your skis are in a ski bag, you’ll need to carry them up the stairs to the ground floor yourself.
  • If you are staying at a ski lodge, proceed to the Hans Oversnow counter to arrange your trip to your ski lodge
  • If you are going skiing as a daytrip, make your way outside and cross the bridge to the main Perisher Centre where you can hire gear, arrange ski lessons etc. and then catch a ski lift up the mountain – have fun!
Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal

Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal

Where to stay overnight at Perisher – with kids!

The Matterhorn Lodge, Perisher

The Matterhorn Lodge, Perisher

There’s a lot of advantages to staying at Perisher for your winter family holiday. Staying with kids in the NSW snowfields calls for a family-friendly ski lodge to keep everyone happy. Staying on snow at Perisher means that everyone gets to have fun skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and snowman-building! Plus you don’t want to miss the weekly Perisher fireworks show over the mountain – or the Perisher night skiing! Add to those benefits, the fact that there’s no commuting backwards and forwards each day with kids and ski gear, and you’re onto a snow holiday-winner!

Our favourite family ski lodge is The Matterhorn Lodge, located on-snow at Perisher.

For further details, go to our Matterhorn Lodge feature here .

Watch our Matterhorn Ski Lodge, Perisher YouTube video here


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This passenger train to Perisher Ski Resort, NSW is a fast, easy way to the snow - and no snow chains are required! Follow our guide for an easy ride!

The Let’s Go Mum family partnered with the Matterhorn Lodge – Perisher Ski Resort in 2020. As always, all opinions are our own.

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