Sydney International Tennis Australian Open Series – with kids!

The Let’s go Mum family were invited to spend the day at the Sydney International – there was food, fun – and a surprise encounter on Centre Court with tennis star Lleyton Hewitt!

Sydney International Tennis


When we were invited to spend the day at the Sydney International tennis tournament at Sydney Olympic Park, we jumped at the chance. We expected tennis, but we got a whole lot more fun into the bargain!

See what it’s like! Watch the video of our Sydney International Tennis experience here

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What is the Sydney International?

The Sydney International is part of the Australian Open Series, with the Melbourne competition following on straight afterwards. The tournament runs for a week, with multiple tennis matches on each day. If you love your tennis, then this is the place to be – but it’s not just for tennis fanatics! None of us had ever seen a professional tennis competition before, and we all had a wonderful time!

What is there for kids to do there?

Sure, there’s world-class tennis to see everywhere at the Sydney International, but what else is there for kids to do?

Well, first of all, kids go free – that alone is a family budget win! But as an added bonus, they also happen to cater to families in every way! In fact, there is so much for families to do at the Sydney International, you may have difficulty finding time to watch the actual tennis matches!

The Kids Zone was my girls’ favourite area. Packed with family games and activities, there was lots of fun to be had. A GIF photo booth, trampolines, free tennis lessons, a Nine News mock up news report desk, a dress-up competition and lucky wheel….the list goes on. 500 ANZ Hot Shots tennis racquets were given away too! Your kids are not going to get bored in the Kids Zone, that’s for certain!

Australian Tennis Museum stand fun - Imagine playing tennis in this outfit!

Australian Tennis Museum stand fun – Imagine playing tennis in this outfit!

Then there is the Australian Tennis Museum stand, with the opportunity to take a look at Australian tennis history. Kids can even find out what it was like to play tennis in the past by dressing up in the original standard clothing! Phew, tennis in a long skirt and blouse or blazer certainly would have made playing in the original Sydney International matches quite a challenge!

Is it easy for kids to see the tennis action?

Tennis matches are being played everywhere at the Sydney International, and entry is as simple as waiting for a break in play and then wandering in to take a seat! It’s close-up action, and very exciting to watch in person.

The Centre Court is the place to be for the big matches, and with open-seating we found it very easy to find a front row seat on the first day without any difficulty. The only exception with regards to open seating, is finals day, when seats are ticketed. You don’t even need to go into Centre Court to keep up with what’s happening, with a huge TV screen relaying all the action – complete bean bags in front of it to relax on! Or you can always just watch the multiple screens at every Centre Court entrance door.

Food, glorious food!

At lunch time we found ourselves spoilt for choice with all the food vending caravans on-site. It’s a veritable cultural feast, stretching all the way around the main arena. There is a large bar too, plus coffee, ice cream and cold drinks at every turn. Lunch time is also a good opportunity to flop down in front of the big-screen, or cool off in front of the huge water-mist fans if the weather is warming up!

A crash-course in tennis with Lleyton Hewitt – on the Centre Court!

We also received some surprise news at lunch – the girls were invited to take part in a very special experience! They would be given the chance to try to return tennis super-star Lleyton Hewitt’s serve for a chance to win tickets to the Sydney International final!

Centre Court - Samantha trying to return Lleyton Hewitt's serve!

Centre Court – Samantha trying to return Lleyton Hewitt’s serve!


Lleyton Hewitt went very easy on the girls!

Lleyton Hewitt went very easy on the girls!

Brooke and Samantha were beyond excited – and terrified! Centre Court was a very big audience for two beginner tennis players to play one of the best tennis players in history!

Still, as my girls always do, when the time came they met the challenge head-on, and ventured out onto Centre Court with compere and tennis-great, Wally Masur. There, Lleyton stood waiting at the other end of the court. Wally offered some expert tips to the girls, who listened intently – they were going to need all the help they could get! Lleyton served, and with three chances each, they both took some wild swings at that ball! Luckily, Lleyton was very gentle, and no children were injured in the obtaining of tickets to the final – luckily gifted, despite coming no where near returning the ball over the net!

The Sydney International is a family friendly-hit!

What a great day out our family had at the Sydney International – this is a summer school holidays hit. With free child entry, and so much for families to do, it’s a Sydney summer essential for families. Don’t miss it!

Sydney International Fast Facts

When? Early to mid January – summer school holidays

How much? Up to four kids go free with an adult ticket (Starting from $16)

Where? Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, Sydney


For more information on the Sydney International, head to their official website here.

The Let’s Go Mum family were invited guests, hosted on-site by Tennis Australia. As always, our opinions remain firmly our own.
All prices are based upon 2019 prices – for any updates or changes, please visit the official website.


The Let's go Mum family were invited to spend the day at the Sydney International - there was food, fun - and a surprise encounter on Centre Court with tennis star Lleyton Hewitt!

Have you ever taken your kids to the tennis? Perhaps your child has tennis lessons? Tell us in the comments below!


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