The 5 essentials for a fun family bushwalk in Australia

Bushwalking with the family sounds too difficult – you need to be super fit – it’s too far away – plus you need specialist equipment – right? Wrong! Bushwalking with the kids is much easier than you think – and it’s so much fun! All you need to do is pack the essentials and give it a go…

Bushwalking with the kids in Australia

The family reconnects when they’re having fun on a bushwalk together – Wombeyan, NSW

Spending time together as a family in the beautiful Australian countryside is a fantastic way to reconnect with each other whilst have fun – and getting some healthy exercise at the same time! You don’t need to be super fit – many bushwalks can be as short as fifteen minutes, which you can easily do with younger children before or after a picnic.

Bushwalking usually doesn’t cost anymore than your transport to get there, plus a small National Parks entrance fee – it’s even free in many areas! You don’t need to buy anything to do it, either – you probably already have everything you need at home right now.

Bushwalking with the kids can be an opportunity to discover new places, spot native wildlife and enjoy amazing views together – whether you are walking in the bush block out the back or circumnavigating Uluru!

First things first – plan ahead

Google your bushwalking area before you go – spare ten minutes to check out where you are going in advance to make sure that it is family friendly – you don’t want to end up scaling the side of a cliff with toddlers! Most bushwalking areas in Australia are well documented, well mapped and sign posted along the way. Don’t forget to pick up a map from visitor information, or print out a map off the internet to carry with you on your bushwalk. Also, consider telling a friend where you’re going – or even post your intentions on Facebook in advance -just so someone knows where you are, just in case!

Bushwalking is a budget family activity

Bushwalking usually doesn’t cost anymore than your transport to get there, plus a small National Parks or Nature Reserve entrance fee – it’s even free in many areas! Plus you don’t need special equipment – probably already have everything you need at home right now. Take a picnic – there are usually picnic spots or even barbeque areas. You were going to have lunch anyhow, just pop it into a supermarket insulation bag – and throw in some sweet treats for afters.

Keep your family safe

With the help of common sense, bushwalking doesn’t have to be dangerous.

  • Some bushwalks have a sign in/sign out book at the start of the trail to record you are there – use it!
  • Stick to the marked paths to avoid getting lost.
  • Don’t attempt to feed or approach native wildlife – especially any snakes that may cross your path in summer – they usually want to avoid you just as much as you wish to avoid them!
  • Discourage children from racing ahead – or at least keep them in sight – particularly in snake-prone or steep country.
  • Treat any swimming areas with ultra-vigilance – watch for strong currents, deep water and unseen obstacles.
  • Avoid going far in the hottest months of the year – National Parks may close due to high bushfire danger, plus summer is snake season. If you do walk in summer, walk early in the day when it is cooler. Don’t leave late in the day- it’s far easier to get lost in the dark, plus many National Parks and Reserves close at sunset.

Wear comfortable, sensible clothes

Dress appropriately. You don’t need a heap of specialist gear – just some comfy, sensible clothes and shoes. Wearing or carrying hats is a must, and we’ve found it’s really helpful to carry a light jacket for everyone, no matter what the season – sudden weather changes happen often in Australia. Of course, don’t forget to slip-slop-slap for sun protection. Sunscreen and/or insect repellent is always great to have along.


tip-idea-lightbulbKeep a change of clothes and shoes in the car – my kids nearly always get covered in mud from climbing, sitting in the dirt – or falling in small creeks when rock-hopping! You don’t want uncomfortable, unhappy kids for the trip home, trust me!

Carry water – and snacks!

Carrying water with you is essential – and as with travelling with kids anywhere, take along the snacks – trail mix usually has something for everyone – a piece of fruit can fill up a little tummy if they were too excited to eat during your picnic – even a vegemite sandwich in a zip lock bag can taste like heaven when your half an hour away from the car – or civilisation!

Take it easy – you’re meant to be having fun!

Wander along – don’t power-walk. This is nature at its finest. Look around, soak it up – let the kids adventure and discover at their own pace. This way, everyone will be eager to do it again – and you can all relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of every day life at the same time.

Above all, don’t forget the mantra, leave only footsteps, take only memories – and family photos – lots of ’em – have fun!

Here is a printable infographic to help you prepare your fun bushwalking day out – the Let’s go Mum! Top 5 essential must-haves for a fun family bushwalk in Australia!

bush-walking-infographicClick on the infographic to download and save or print it

What are your essential family bushwalking must-haves, or tips? Tell us in the comments below…

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