Adventure All Stars new travel TV series – watch me in 2022!

Adventure All Stars TV

I have some very exciting news to announce!

I’m going to star in the ground-breaking TV show Adventure All Stars – and guess what? You can apply to experience the trip with me!

Help me fundraise for Breast Cancer Research

Together, let’s make a difference and make breast cancer history! 

A few weeks ago I underwent a 10-hour double mastectomy & DIEP flap reconstruction surgery.

As a carrier of the BRCA2 gene, & daughter of a mother who had battled breast cancer twice, I was at high-risk of developing cancer. Preventative surgeries were the recommended path for me. 

Breast and ovarian removal surgeries would give me a much-improved chance of being there for my girls as they grow up.

I made it through surgery and the challenging recovery period afterwards thanks to the wonderful support of my doctors, nurses, family and friends.

our happiest selfie ever - the girls first hospital visit following my breast surgery

Our happiest selfie ever – the girls first hospital visit following my breast surgery


I’ll be forever grateful for those surgical avenues being open to me – but I am also passionately hopeful that continuing advancements in research means that breast cancer will become a thing of the past.

So when I was approached by CharityTVGlobal to star in the award-winning TV series Adventure All Stars and raise money for breast cancer research – my chosen charity – I leapt at the opportunity!

This groundbreaking (and socially conscious) media project will be broadcast nationally in 2020 on Seven Network’s 7TWO, with all net proceeds from the TV show going to my nominated philanthropic cause – breast cancer research. 

Aside from being filmed undertaking a week of adventure in a secret location, I’m proud and thankful to be given the opportunity to raise much need funds and awareness to help support breast cancer research.

In conjunction with the acclaimed TV producers from Charity TV Global I’m aiming to generate as much support as possible to achieve my fundraising goals and I’d very much appreciate your generous contribution.

Please go to my breast cancer research fundraising page to donate, and together let’s make a difference!

Watch my Adventure All Stars video announcement here!

This brand new travel series will take me away to a secret location for 6-days of fun and adventure, all captured by an award-winning film crew. The best news is YOU can join me!!! So why not get in on all the fun? It promises to be the adventure of a lifetime!

Apply to join me on the Charity TV Global trip!

Casting call for Adventure All Stars
The Adventure All Stars casting is now open!

To hang out with me on this ultimate trip in 2022 – and star on TV – apply now and be sure to use my hashtag code #AdventureBARBARA when applying at the official Charity TV Global website here  .

Be sure to follow our @LetsGoMum Instagram account, as well as the new @adventureallstarstv Instagram account to watch what adventures we get up to on this very exciting trip!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – apply now!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Barbara
    How did your adventure go? I am thinking of applying for a future series and I would like to find out more about fundraising for your charity.

    • LetsGoMum says:

      Hi Karen, it had to be postponed to a later date due to COVID-19, however it is scheduled for later this year!
      There may still be time for you to apply to join me – just put in the reference #adventureBarbara when you apply! And good luck either way!

  2. Natasha Tarr says:

    I’m a single mum to be, Id love to come away for a 6 day adventure but just want to know more about the conditions if I am eligible.

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