How to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets from Australia

Tokyo Disneyland street parade

Tokyo Disneyland is a fantastic family holiday destination

A visit to Tokyo Disneyland Resort is an essential part of any Australian family holiday to Tokyo.

However, it also requires careful planning to ensure that you get the most out of your visit – and that includes your all-important Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

But searching around trying to find out how and where you can buy Tokyo Disney tickets from Australia can be confusing.

Don’t worry, because we’ve got all your Tokyo Disney ticket questions answered right here!

Can you get discounted Tokyo Disneyland tickets?

Small World Disneyland ride

In front of the classic Small World Disneyland ride

Yes, you can! It’s easy to get the Tokyo Disneyland tickets you need at a discount price. Simply buy your Disneyland tickets online with Klook and take advantage of our Disneyland promo code!

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What is at Tokyo Disneyland?

The Disneyland night time parade

The Disneyland night time parade

Tokyo Disneyland is a popular theme park in Japan. Modelled upon the original USA Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland also offers many unique attractions.

You may also be surprised to learn that the Tokyo Disneyland Resort is actually two separate Disney parks – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Is it Tokyo Disneyland worth it?

Yes, the Tokyo Disney Resort offers a truly unique Japanese Disney experience.

The two Tokyo Disney parks are quite different from each other, but both are well worth a visit. You’ll find Disney shows, parades, food, merchandise and rides that you won’t find at any other Disneyland anywhere in the world.

All of this and more make a trip to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort a very special Disney experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Which Tokyo Disney Park is better – Disneyland or DisneySea?

Meet Disney characters like Donald Duck at Tokyo Disneyland

Meet Disney characters like Donald Duck at Tokyo Disneyland

Both Tokyo Disney parks are amazing, and whilst both are suitable for all ages, they do offer very different experiences.

What’s the difference between Disneyland and DisneySea?

Tokyo Disneyland is very similar to the original USA Disneyland, and features the Disneyland Castle surrounded by many of the same Disney worlds and rides you may already know and love at California Disneyland. This makes Tokyo Disneyland perhaps a little better suited to those seeking the classic Disneyland experience, such as families with young children.

Tokyo DisneySea is spectacular

Tokyo DisneySea is spectacular

How many DisneySeas are there in the world?

Whilst there are several Disneylands around the world, including the USA, China, Hong Kong, France and Japan, there’s only one DisneySea.

Is it worth going to Disney Sea?

It would be a shame to miss such an incredible theme park as Disney Sea.

The DisneySea layout has more of an overall steam-punk, ocean theme. There are several differently themed worlds laid out around a large central man-made “volcano”.

DisneySea does cater for younger children throughout the park, but perhaps more prominently features thrill rides and roller coasters over smaller rides. Another consideration may be that DisneySea is a vast area for little feet to cover without a stroller! So, whilst DisneySea has plenty for young children to do, it’s possibly a little more suited for families with teenagers, young adults and couples.

How to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets

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Where can I buy Tokyo Disneyland Tickets in Australia?

The Klook App sells discounted Disneyland tickets

The Klook App sells discounted Disneyland tickets

Klook discounted Tokyo Disney tickets you can purchase online

Our Klook online Tokyo Disney tickets

Where can I buy cheap Tokyo Disneyland tickets?

The best way to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets is using Klook, a Disneyland ticket reseller. Klook sell discounted Disneyland tickets.

Klook Disneyland tickets can be bought via the Klook app or on the Klook website in mere minutes no matter where you are in the world.

Once purchased you always have your tickets on your phone, digitally on the Klook app and it’s a simple scan-in process at the Disneyland entrance. This is also a time-saver, because you can skip the long queue for tickets!

Disneyland tickets promo code 2023


Let’s Go Mum Readers new to Klook get *$20USD off Tokyo Disneyland tickets with our Disneyland promocode: LETSGOMUM20

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Which Tokyo Disneyland tickets should I choose?

Meet your favourite Disney characters at Tokyo Disneyland

Meet your favourite Disney characters at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland digital ticket

The Tokyo Disneyland 1-Day Passport

Perfect for your day at Tokyo Disneyland, the Tokyo Disneyland 1-Day Passport is all you need for a full day of Disney-fun!

The Tokyo DisneySea 1-Day Passport

The Tokyo DisneySea 1-Day Pass is your ticket to all-day fun at Tokyo Disney Sea!

Can I use my Tokyo Disney Klook tickets with the 15 minute early entry “Happy Entry” pass?

Yes, you can use a Klook ticket instead of buying Tokyo Disney tickets from Disney hotels or the Tokyo Disney website. Happy Entry is a separate pass that is given at check in and does work with Klook tickets when entering via the special early entry entrance.

This means you can benefit by buying cheaper, refundable Klook tickets.

Can I cancel my Klook tickets if I change my mind?

Yes, there is free cancellation up until 14 days prior to your booking. After that time there it’s a cancellation fee.

How do you skip the long Disneyland ticket queues?

The Klook App sells Disney tickets

Don’t forget to download the Klook app so that you have your digital tickets with you, ready to scan at the entrance gate. Scan the ticket, and you’re in!

As long as you have your phone with you, you have your entry tickets to every attraction you’ve bought tickets to on Klook – and that’s peace of mind!

Does Tokyo Disney have ride Express Passes?

Disney Premier Access ride entry

Disney Premier Access ride entry

Yes, there are two types currently available.
Tokyo Disney Resort has Disney Priority Passes and Disney Premier Access individual express ride fast passes available. They can be purchased on the Tokyo Disney App, and are available for only a couple of the most popular rides in each park. Premiere Access passes come in the form of a one-time-only QR Code which you scan to gain entry to a priority laneway that will funnel you down to very close to the front of the line. You can watch the priority laneway ticket scanning process here.

How do I buy Disney Premier Access ride passes?

Our Tokyo Disney express passesTo purchase a Disney Premier Access pass on the Tokyo Disney App, you will need to be in the park with your digital entrance tickets registered on the Tokyo Disney App.

To register your Klook Disneyland tickets on the Tokyo Disney App, scan your Klook ticket barcodes into the app by using two devices – one to display the barcodes (you can screenshot and airdrop, or photograph them if necessary), and one to scan them into the Disney App.

How much is an express pass at Disney Tokyo?

You can only have one Premiere Access ride booking active at a time, and you can only use them once. Prices vary, and I have listed them below.

We bought four different Disney Premier Access passes on our recent visit.

Disney Premier Access pass prices

Our Premier Access passes purchased at Tokyo Disneyland

The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast Premier Access price: 2,000 yen each ($22.70 Australian dollars each)

The Happy Ride with Baymax Premier Access price: 1,500 yen each ($17 AUD each)

Skipping the queues on these two rides alone saved us approximately three hours wait time in total.

Our Premier Access passes purchased at Tokyo DisneySea

Tower Of Terror Premier Access price: 1,500 yen each ($17 AUD each)

Journey to the Center of the Earth Premier Access price: 1,500 yen each ($17 AUD each)

(You could also buy Toy Story ride passes)

This saved us at least two hours of queueing time.

Is it worth buying Disney Premier Access Passes?

We were spellbound by the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast ride

We were spellbound by the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast ride

Yes. Time is precious at Disneyland, so it makes good sense to purchase express ride passes where possible and save queueing time. That way you’ll have more free time to do other rides, or see shows that you wouldn’t want to otherwise miss!

Download the Tokyo Disneyland App

Tokyo Disney Resort App

The Tokyo Disney Resort App

In preparation for your days at Tokyo Disney, download the Tokyo Disney Resort App before you go at the App Store and Google Play.

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort App is essential to make the most of your visit. You can navigate to restaurants, rides, check for event times and other points of interest. You can check ride wait times, book and pay for Premiere express ride tickets and much more.

Download the Tokyo Disney app to check ride wait times & get express passes

Download the Tokyo Disney app to check ride wait times & get express passes

What are the best days to visit Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo Disney Resort is very busy all of the time – winter and summer, but you can maximise your chances of slightly lesser crowds by going on a weekday and avoiding weekends and public holidays.

Ride queues do usually lessen later in the day and into the evening on many rides, but the popular and newer rides can stay busy right up to closing time.

Be aware that ride queues can close earlier than the Disney parks official advertised closing times if the queues are too long – so don’t leave your favourite rides for last!

How long do you need at Tokyo Disney?

Minnie Mouse in the Tokyo Disneyland paradeBecause each Disney park is very large, you need at least a full day to explore each park.

I would recommend at least one full day – preferably two days – in each park for maximum enjoyment. Why rush a good thing, after all?!

Can you do DisneySea and Disneyland in one day?

The two Tokyo Disney parks are located next to one another on the same peninsula. Their park entrances are a short distance apart. They are connected via shuttle buses, or the Tokyo Disneyland monorail loop which also services most of the official Tokyo Disneyland Hotels.

So theoretically, yes, you could visit both parks in one day.

For example, you could spend the morning at Disneyland and then jump on the monorail and spend the afternoon and evening at Disney Sea – or vice-versa!

But really, there’s no way you could enjoy both of the Disney parks fully – there’s just too much to see and do!

If you only have one day to spare, it’s better to concentrate on just one park – and leave the other for another Japan trip. (What a great excuse to return!)

There are lots of fun photo opportunities around the parks

There are lots of fun photo opportunities around the parks

Where is the best place to stay when visiting Tokyo Disneyland Resort?

MIMARU Tokyo Ueno North hotel

Whilst in Tokyo our family stayed in the Mimaru Tokyo Ueno North Hotel.

Located near the Ueno Station on the main Tokyo Yamanote train loop, this elegant apartment hotel makes the perfect base for any Tokyo family holiday.

Find out more about our stay at the Mimaru Tokyo, Ueno North Hotel here.


What’s the best way to get from Australia to Tokyo Disney?

Fly Jetstar to Tokyo


We partnered with the wonderful Jetstar Australia to fly from Australia to Japan to visit Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland. See Jetstar Australia’s cheap Japan flights here

Jetstar Australia offer cheap fares to Tokyo every day – check their website for their low Tokyo fares and frequent sales.

Buy your Tokyo Disneyland tickets here and use our discount code

Let’s Go Mum Readers new to Klook get *$20 USD off Tokyo Disneyland tickets with our Disneyland promocode: LETSGOMUM20 at checkout.

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*Minimum purchase USD$200, first-time Klook purchase & Australian & New Zealand residents only

Book your Australian family Tokyo Disneyland holiday today!

We had a great time at Tokyo Disney Resort

We had a great time at Tokyo Disney Resort

Organising your own family holiday to Tokyo Disney Resort couldn’t be easier. Take the time to prepurchase tickets to your own magical Tokyo Disneyland Resort Holiday and get ready to make some magical Disney holiday memories together!

You can visit the official Tokyo Disney Resort website here for more information.

You can read more about Tokyo Disneylands best rides here.

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