Hot toys you can still get online in time for Christmas! Kmart, Amazon & more

Feeling Christmas-harassed? Wondering how you are going to get it all done in time for Christmas? Online shopping is the answer – and it’s not too late! Here is a list of hot toys you can still order in time for Christmas! 

Christmas online shopping

Some of the toys included in our gift guide contain affiliate links. This in no way affects the price you pay, however we earn a small commission on any purchase you may make. 

Here is a selection of cool, trending and sometimes down-right bemusing Christmas toys that kids are loving this Christmas season – and as I hit the publish button on this list, they’re all still available for purchase and delivery before Christmas. Although I price-checked these toys, online prices do go up and down, particularly on Amazon – so you may want to price-compare first. Also, double check the postage dates for your area.

Tip – If you are 100% clueless on what to buy, here is a shortcut to a big long list of the 2018 toy best sellers on Amazon Australia)

So, without further ado, here is our Christmas toy gift guide for the stressed-out, time-poor, just plain lazy (guilty!) or forgetful parent…
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con – Let’s admit it – when you buy a Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con, you’re really hoping the kids are going to give you a turn (or you can just wait until after they go to bed – problem solved!). It’s like giving yourself a present, really. Nice one! NOTE – this one just price-dropped from $399.00 to $359.10 with free postage – that’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far this Christmas! Don’t forget to buy a game or two for it too, or the kids may accuse you of buying them a brick for Christmas.Go to the product page


Electric scooter
What’s better than a scooter for Christmas? Why, it’s an electric scooter for just $149. Plus we have a $10 off your cart code for you for this nifty kid-pleaser – just use “LETSGO10” at checkout at MyDeals Australia – don’t delay on ordering this one though, time is a bit tight and numbers are limited. Go to the product page

Monopoly Melbourne Edition
Monopoly board games – how can you go wrong? It’s a hugely popular family board game – but it’s not just the classic version available anymore of course – there’s almost every theme you can think of! The big sellers this year are the Fortnite Monopoly (popular with teens) , Monopoly Classic, Monopoly Cheaters Edition (super-cheap at $20), Monopoly – Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition, Monopoly Sydney and Monopoly Melbourne ($34.95 – this version even has a tram-piece in it!)go to the product page

Yellies Yellies – thank goodness these little yell-activated spiders are really cute colours, otherwise they might really creep you out! Kids basically bellow at these little toys to get them to run, so you may wish to purchase a nice set of ear plugs to go with them. You can get Yellies online from Target for just $15 each. Or, you could skip buying this one all together and just watch this music clip of Jimmy Barnes screaming for 10 hours.Go to the product page

Poopsie Pooey Puitoon – Yep – it’s a poop, but not just any poop, it’s a unicorn poop, and in little girl and boy world, that makes aaaaall the difference. Plus it’s full of – well, cute poop unicorn stuff, you know. You can get this one for $92.88 on Amazon, plus I saw a couple of these in store in Kmart. Go to the product page


Jumanji wooden boxJumanji The Game In Real Wooden Box – Okay, so this Christmas gift idea is a little bit expensive for a board game at $157.47 but come on – it’s Jumanji! You just know the kids are going to hear jungle drums beating in their head when they unwrap Jumanji The Game In Real Wooden Box ! (Or go the whole hog and completely mess with the kids heads by actually playing a jungle drums soundtrack on Christmas morning). These deluxe wooden-box versions may sell out fast, there was only 3 left at last count. Go to the product page


Trunki UnicornWith $10 off your cart using our discount code “LETSGO10”  AND free shipping, at $80 this Trunki kids suitcase is an awesome Christmas bargain. Trunkis keep kids happy at airports, train stations, whereever by allowing them to ride their suitcase – or just get pulled along my you. Slightly annoying to other passengers perhaps, but hey – a parents gotta do what a parents gotta do for sanity, right? You’ll find this model Trunki at MyDeal Australia – don’t forget to use the discount code LETSGO10 

Nerf laser gunNerf – Laser Ops – Electronic Deltaburst Blaster – The Ultimate Laser Game – One for the boys and girls (okay, so maybe their parents too) to release all that inner Christmas tension on each other without breaking the china – available for $49 with free shipping from Amazon.Go to the product page


BFFsBest Furry Friends – these little guys are oh-so-cute tucked into their little handbags, and when you pat them on the head, they talk to you! At $36 each, they’re a great price, AND you can still get Best Furry Friends online at Target right now – win-win! Go to the product page


LOL Bigger SurpriseLOL Surprise Bigger Surprise, – Go big, or go home. We’ve all seen the (okay, so slightly irritating) LOL toy ads – well this is the huge version – it’s the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise, and don’t the kids just love this box of cutesy lil’ dolls and accessories – and it makes for a nice big pressie under the Christmas tree too. I checked about 4 different department stores to see if these were in stock and couldn’t find any left anywhere, but if you can, it’s probably worthwhile checking stores near you first. They can still get them online from Amazon for $128.81 at the moment – not many though, so be quick. Go to the product page


Harry Potter Aragog playsetHarry Potter Lego – Starting at just $17.60 for LEGO Harry Potter Aragog’s Lair Playset Toy, these Lego sets are perfect for any Harry Potter fans. This LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Playset Toy is as cheap as I’ve seen anywhere at $119.20, plus there’s the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Playset Toy and LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whumping Willow Playset ToyGo to the product page

Boxy GirlsBoxy Girls – from the bizarre world of YouTube unboxing (and yes, we are totally guilty of this too -what can I tell you? It’s fun!) comes the inspiration for a curiously compelling toy – the Boxy Girls unboxing doll! They are actually fun, cute – and who doesn’t love to open boxes? Big W have these in stock, and at the moment for the cheapest price we can find at $20 each. Go to the product page


Kidizoom cameraKidizoom Duo 5.0 Camera – hugely popular and pretty hard to find right now, this is a kid-camera which comes in both pink ($91.82) and blue ($88.68)  (recommended 3-9yrs) and actually does a pretty good impression of an adult camera – front and back cameras, 5mp photos, zoom, photo effects and even some built-in games. No wonder it’s selling out all over the place. Try your luck at your local department store first, but online Amazon stock both colours with slightly differing prices (so much for gender-equality) with free postage.  Go to the product page


Pikmi Pops
Pikmi Pop Giant Pikmi Flips – At $69 these enormous feral lollipops seem a little overpriced – but they’re just so FLUFFY and rainbow, you know you’re on a winner for most little girls and boys on this planet. They’re Giant Pikmi Flips, a curious ball of fluff which turns inside out to reveal a cute soft toy – and Kmart still has them in some stores, and available online. Go to the product page


Scrabble Australian edition
Scrabble – Aussie version – Australian Edition – Straya mate – we couldn’t end our list without yet another piece of Australiana (quite possibly made in China). It’s the Scrabble Australia Edition (there’s a picture of a Kangaroo on the front, in case there’s any doubt). This one you may like to purchase for yourself as a pat on the back for all your tireless Christmas shopping key-pressing – available for $48.42 from Amazon – enjoy! Go to the product page


Some of the toys in this article contain affiliate links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This in no way affects the price you pay, however we earn a small commission on any purchase you may make. 

Although I price-checked these toys, online prices do go up and down, particularly on Amazon – so you may want to price-compare first. Also, double check the postage dates for your area. Whilst every attempt has been made to show toys, prices and postage times accurately, I cannot guarantee prices, presentation or availability of any item represented.

Do you recommend any of our Christmas gift-picks? Let us know which ones you’ve test-run!

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