WIN News TV interview – School Holiday boredom-busters!

The Let’s go Mum family appeared on WIN News to have a chat about our summer school holiday ideas – without breaking the bank!

WIN News interview

The Let’s go Mum family appeared on WIN News today – of course we’re always up for a chat about our family travel blog and what we’ve been up to.

We were delighted to chat with Emma Groves from WIN TV Canberra all about different summer school holiday boredom busters for the family – many of which are low-cost, or free!

Barbara’s recommendations include:

  • Local councils often host free school holiday events
  • Camping for adventure
  • Family resorts can offer a beach holiday alternative
  • Check out your local museums

The Let’s go Mum kids Brooke and Samantha have quite a few interviews under their belts by now, and on this occasion Brooke (13) was also given the opportunity for her very own spot to recommend her summer holiday tips to the watching kids. Needless to say, Brooke leapt at the chance!

Brooke’s recommendations include turning off the TV and:

  • Going for a walk
  • Visiting a Nature Park
  • Visiting a local park/playground

Play the video to below to watch our 2019 WIN News interview…

Watch it on the WIN TV Facebook Page here

Find out more about WIN News at their official website here.



Do you have any favourite school holiday budget tips? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Paige says:

    Is this the TV show for Australia if it is, can you send me that kids party activity thing

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