Lincoln Downs Resort & Spa Family Review

Our family review of the Lincoln Downs Spa Resort, Batemans Bay…

The Lincoln Downs Spa Resort

The Lincoln Downs Spa Resort – click this image to read our family review

Approaching from Sydney, Lincoln Downs Resort and Spa is located on the left side of the Princes Highway just before you cross the iconic bridge into Batemans Bay. (You can read our family review of the Batemans Bay area here).

Licoln Downs Spa Resort sign

Although a four star hotel, Lincoln Downs Resort’s room rate is price comparable to several three star hotels in town – and some of these other hotels can be quite basic in comparison to Lincoln Downs (I’ve stayed in almost all of Batemans Bay’s hotels over the years, being a Sydney weekend-escapee!).

Tip: Like any hotel on a highway, it does also mean that you may get some traffic noise in the rooms located closest to the highway, so when booking, ask for the rooms farthest away, at the rear of the property.

Standard, garden view room

We could park right at the door of our Lincoln Downs Spa Resort room

We could park right at the door of our Lincoln Downs Spa Resort room

As we were only spending the one night, we booked into a standard room with a garden view ($140 for a Thursday night,, and were able to park right at the front of our lower-ground room. When you’re a single parent, ease of unpacking has a lot going for it, and this is where motor inns shine for an over-night stay – we were unpacked and settled in moments.

Lincoln Downs offer different room pricing, including rooms with a spa. All rooms come with free Wi-Fi with a guest password provided upon check-in.

Room access is via key card entry, which also operates the power in the room via a slot. The rooms feel solid – secure and safe. I always appreciate this, being a woman staying with two young children. The garden was accessible from the other end of our room via double sliding doors, which were lockable and secure.

Quality room furnishings and fittings

Lincoln Downs standard room

Our Lincoln Downs standard room

Although a motor inn, this hotel has a quality, up-market feel to it. The room at Lincoln Downs was immaculate, and featured elegant furnishings. We had a queen and single bed, both quite comfortable with nice, crisp bedding.

The bathroom was very modern and stylish, with a large double shower, and a good assortment of essential toiletries – I always seem to forget something when we go travelling!

The bathroom was modern, clean and elegant

The bathroom was modern, clean and elegant

There was a mini-bar in room, flat screen tv, small table with two chairs, bar fridge, tea and coffee facilities and accessories, including a small pod coffee machine (every business-person’s savior). A storage wardrobe holds an ironing board, iron, and hair dryer, and also spare blankets and pillows.

Lincoln Downs Resort standard room furnishings

Lincoln Downs Resort standard room furnishings

Lighting was a little sparse and annoying – many lamps to switch on, rather than one or two overall switches. There were plenty of power points for laptops and iPhone and iPad chargers.

Here is a short walk-through video of our standard garden-view Lincoln Downs Resort room

The grounds and swimming pool

The garden was a nicely maintained outdoor lawn space where the kids had a good run around and explore to burn off their road-trip inactivity.

The garden area was a nice area for the kids to stretch their legs

The garden area was a nice area for the kids to stretch their legs

Directly off the garden area was a nicely situated swimming pool. Being early spring and probably too cold for most guests to swim, there was no one game enough to take a dip. My kids would have swum in it anyhow, if I had let them – children don’t seem to feel the cold at all when it comes to the chance of taking a quick dip in a hotel swimming pool! I was met with much protesting when I told them no swimming – it was just too cold at this time of the year!

The swimming pool was a good size

The swimming pool was a good size

On-site breakfast and dinner options

Lincoln Downs Briars Restaurant is off the Reception area

Lincoln Downs Briars Restaurant is off the Reception area

The onsite restaurant is Briars Restaurant, available for both breakfast and dinner.

As a price-guide, breakfast starts from $7 for continental or for room service, $7 for a bowl of cereal, $24 for a cooked breakfast.


Lincoln Downs Resort and Day Spa is a nice little Batemans Bay hotel option, and good value for money compared to most motor inns in the centre of Batemans Bay.

Lincoln Downs Resort and Spa useful info

Phone: +61 2 4478 9200
Address: 11683 Princes Highway, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia
Website: You can find out more at the official Lincoln Downs Spa Resort website here

Lincoln Downs Spa Resort Location Map

*All prices are correct as at September 2016

This review is an independent, non-sponsored Australian hotel blog review. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever visited Batemans Bay on a family holiday? Did you stay in a good hotel? Tell us in the comments below…

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  1. Anna Brophy says:

    Love a good weekender!! Sometimes we just need a little escape and this looks like a great spot. AND what is it with kids and swimming in ridiculous temperatures??!!

  2. It looks really impressive on the inside, I wouldn’t have expected it to be so lovely based on the exterior.

  3. Great review – love the detail you’ve gone into! Quite impressed by the bathroom – looks quite modern and clean. Sad to hear about the service though – a lot of places we travel to outside the city seem to have the same problem.

    • LetsGoMum says:

      Yes, their service was fine, but great service can be so hard to find sometimes – you just want a friendly face at the end of a long drive!

  4. I haven’t done much travel in NSW but have heard Batemans Bay is a great destination.

  5. What a comprehensive review! Love Batemans Bay, will check this one out when we next head down that way

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