Should you buy an Apple Watch? Quick-guide

The Apple Watch – it’s one of those bright, shiny things….you want one – but do you really need one? I’ve been using this new toy for a few months now, and I have my verdict for you on if this is a great new high-tech-toy or just a big fat waste of money…

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Four months ago I purchased an Apple Watch. I hated it.

If I’d written this review after the first week of buying my Apple Watch, I would have almost certainly have typed up “Why you shouldn’t buy an Apple Watch” blog! However several months later,  I must admit that my Apple Watch is really starting to grown on me….

So now that I’ve given my Apple Watch a “fair-go”, I’d like to give you a rundown on the good and bad points from a non-techie user viewpoint. Here are my Apple Watch good and bad points….

Bad points

Apps galore on the Apple Watch

There are Apps galore on the Apple Watch

It’s dependent on your iPhone being nearby – the watch is essentially a monitor for your phone. If it’s not connected to your phone (via bluetooth), it will still operate as a time-keeping device – and not much more.

It’s expensive – the lowest price entry-point Apple Watch is the plastic wrist-band version. It reminds me of an old Swatch watch – probably great for teens, but for anyone else over 30, it may not be or look like the quality you expect for a $500 watch.

The battery runs down in 1 day – no matter what. Even less if you are a heavy user – frequently mine is dead by late afternoon. And because of the low battery life, you can’t rely on the watch as an actual watch. Few will remember to regularly recharge it (another annoying task to do every day – just what I need!), plus apart from the little vibrating ping notification (or “Haptic”, as Apple like to term it), it’s easy to miss the fact that the watch is running flat. So once it is flat, you have a very expensive, dead piece of metal strapped to your wrist!

Talking into it makes you look like a bit of a dork – it’s Maxwell Smart territory, and not in a good way! However I found that despite looking like an idiot, I still answer it this way until I unearth my actual phone.

It’s heavy to wear and get used to – I still wear my old-fashioned watch (in case my Apple Watch goes flat) which looks a little weird, but I admit I no longer feel the weight. I guess it’s sort of like a horse in harness getting used to it…

It has it’s own charge cord which is incompatible with anything else – you can’t use your iphone or ipad cord to charge the watch – annoying! That’s an extra cord to carry when travelling, and a spare watch charge cord isn’t readily available like the standard iPhone lightening cable – you can’t just pick one up at the nearest service station if you forget it.

You can’t surf the net on it, answer email, SMS text or Facebook etc. messages other than clicking on a default selection such as “Okay”, “Thanks”, “See you soon”, etc. – Apple Shop staff say that their Apple Watch software update with internet access will happen “in a few months” (still waiting!) and current watches will be able to be updated – but for now at least, there are no watch internet capabilities.

Good points

It's awkward to get used to wearing the Apple Watch

It’s awkward to get used to wearing the Apple Watch

It’s easy to pair with your iphone, and learn how to use (I don’t do instructions – who has the time to read those?!). Failing this, the Apple Store will happily pair it up for you – if you ever get served there, that is…

It fully charges in less than 1 hour – you can do a quick charge in ten minutes that will last you a couple of hours standby.

It rings when your phone rings – you’ll never miss another notification, SMS text or Facebook message again – as long as you religiously keep it charged up!

My particular watch strap choice is fabulous. The Milanese Loop watch strap I chose looks stylish and seals easily and firmly with an ingenious magnet.

The watch is water resistant – so far, so good! It’s been dunked a few times now and no water-damage.

Your Apple Watch will find your phone for you by pinging it – as long as your phone is not flat, and in range of your watch.

The correct date, time weather are all on your wrist – you’ll never have ask someone for the correct time date or temperature ever again – you are now the information go-to-guru!

There’s a heart rate monitor and fitness app built in – I must admit I haven’t set it up yet (well, okay, possibly never) – I’m not sure I’m ready to give my watch that much power in our relationship – yet!

Sat nav works through it and vibra-pings you when you are coming up to turns – very handy for the geo-challenged folk like me! It’s like saying, “Turn NOW stupid!”

The Milanese Band is stylish and very secure

The Milanese Band is stylish and very secure

So – am I still using my Apple watch?

Why yes I am. I even feel a bit lost without it when it has gone flat on me or I have forgotten to charge it (All the time).

Is it worth the big bucks – and would I buy it again? Probably not, but seeing I have it, I may as well make use of it…at least until I lose or break it!

The Apple Watch is definitely a want, not a need. If you love to own the latest in tech toys and have the disposable cash to purchase what is pretty-much just a large piece of costume jewellery, why not? It’s only a bit of fun, after all!


Apple Watch info

I bought my Apple Watch from the Apple Store – see my watch model here

Model: 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop

Size: 38mm (Small) – Large also available

Band: Milanese Loop – magnet closure

Price: $949 (July 2015)

Optional insurance (Apple Care): $109

Do you have an Apple Watch? What do you like (or hate!) about it? Perhaps you’re thinking about buying one – comment below!

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