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Sylvanian families country school

Sylvanian Families is celebrating their 30th birthday and there are a wealth of ways for lovers of the nostalgic toy brand to join the festivities. The collectable toy range of woodland animals including families of rabbits, cats, bears and hedgehogs is now being embraced by a second generation of Australian families, appreciating its key themes of Nature, Family and Love.

For three decades, Sylvanian Families has been inviting toy lovers to explore the power of imagination and learn to care and share with one another and it’s a message that has resonated –  with 120 million Sylvanian Families figures sold worldwide – around three toys per second since launching!

Sylvanian Families School Friends

Sylvanian Families School Friends

As part of their 30th Birthday celebrations, Let’s go Mum! has partnered with Sylvanian Families to give away four adorable prize packs each valued at $110 including the Country Tree School and School Friends Set. With desks and chairs for six pupils, plus a teacher’s desk and an exciting big tree to climb, the Country Tree School has lots of lovely features and is a perfect place to educate your young Sylvanians! The School Friends Rebecca Periwinkle and Ralph Walnut come all dressed up for their first day at Country Tree School! They each have a school uniform, back pack and school shoes.

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Sylvanian Families toy giveaway

To celebrate the special year, Sylvanian Families has also announced a major national competition this month to unearth their Biggest Fan – from children to adults who have amassed a prized collection.

For more information on Sylvanian Families, including where to buy toys and accessories, visit

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Julie P says:

    Thank You so much , just picked up my Sylvanian Family, I am so happy I won this prize for my son, been a tough year financially, and now I can add it the tree for Christmas day….. Thanks so much LetsGoMum, My son will enjoy this in his new therapy room and enjoy imagination play.

  2. Fiona Roark says:

    I was so grateful to receive this fabulous prize. I feel it will be beneficial to my son who is on the autistic spectrum and has difficulty interacting socially with other children. Through imaginative play with these beautiful characters, I think I can help him by modelling positive behaviours and how he could resolve various issues in social situations. Thank you so much. What a great Christmas gift 😀

    Yours truly


  3. Christine Nicolosi says:

    Wow what I surprised mum I am I was so happy when I read my email saying I won the Sylvania family pack it’s not for my children but for a special little niece of mine Thankyou lets go mum for helping me say a special Thankyou to my big sister for all the help she has given to me and my children through a tough time coping with being a single mum but my big sister helped me through it so I can’t wait to give this prize pack to her daughter for Christmas.

  4. Michelle Gle says:

    My little girl loves to play with her Sylvanian Family toys. She has mine from when I was little also. She shares these little adventures with her cousins. It’s lovely to watch their imaginative play.

  5. Natalie M says:

    My boys had some animals that have been around Australia with them and their still looking new and still played with. They fit their egg carton racers perfect. I think my daughter will love some if she’s lucky enough.

  6. Renata Marchionna says:

    Sylvanian families- literally definition of heaven! Always a joy to open sylvanian families. We love Sylvanian Families because they offer so many different ways in which can children learn ! The attention to detail is superb. Beautifully crafted and cute as. Imaginative play at it’s best. My daughter would love this delightful prize, It will keep her busy, make her smile, it will be a surprise! In the cupboard I would hide it away,The perfect gift for Christmas Day! Liked and shared this love <3 <3

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