Spirit of Tasmania ferry – video of what it is like to drive your car on board

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive aboard the Spirit of Tasmania ferry?

Boarding the Spirit of Tasmania


In September we went for a road trip around Tasmania and caught the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Devonport across Bass Strait and back to the Australian mainland.

This video is a quick guide to what it is actually like to drive your car onboard the Spirit of Tasmania.

Driving onboard is actually very quick and easy, and once parked you simply stroll right in to the ship. There is even a special area for pets to travel! Grab your overnight bag and go and relax for the trip across Bass Strait, which takes around eight hours. On board this deluxe ship, it’s a really enjoyable journey.

Tip:  It may be wise to leave your car unlocked, so that your car alarm isn’t set off by the movement of the ship. Otherwise, you may find yourself coming back to a car with a flat battery when it’s time to disembark!

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Watch our video of how to drive onto the Spirit of Tasmania

Play the video to below to watch us boarding the Spirit of Tasmania…

Watch it on YouTube here

This video is a quick guide to what it is like to drive your car onboard the Spirit of Tasmania.


Have you ever sailed on the Spirit of Tasmania? Did you take your family car? Tell us in the comments below!


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