Weekend Sunrise TV interview – we chat about our Australian family travel blog!

The Let’s go Mum family appeared on Weekend Sunrise to have a chat about our travel blog – and our favourite destinations!

Our travel blog family was interviewed by Channel 7 network's Weekend Sunrise


The Let’s go Mum family appeared on TV on the weekend. This was our third TV appearance so far this year, and we are always so grateful to have such amazing opportunities to share our adventures – and of course chat about our family travel blog!

We were delighted to chat with the team on the Seven Network Weekend Sunrise show on Saturday morning, all about the Let’s go Mum travel blog, holidays – and of course our favourite destinations!

The Let’s go Mum kids Brooke and Samantha have done quite a few radio and phone interviews by now, however this was their very-first TV interview!

The kids absolutely loved being on TV – probably helped along by the fact that they were so well looked after by everyone at Weekend Sunrise.

What a great first TV experience this was for the girls!

Play the video to below to watch our Sunrise interview…

Watch it on Sunrise here

Find out more about the Seven Network TV show Weekend Sunrise at their official website here.

Weekend Sunrise TV interview - Our travel blog family was interviewed by Channel 7 network's Weekend Sunrise



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