Brooke features in Marie Claire – at age 11!

Let’s go Mum’s adventurer Brooke recently took part in a very exciting feature…


Marie Claire feature

Our young adventurers 12 year old Brooke was very excited to be invited to participate in a Marie Claire feature for the New Year’s edition of the elegant Marie Claire women’s magazine.

Getting changed in the massive accessories closet

Getting changed in the massive accessories closet

The Best Things Marie Claire shoot

Samantha looks on at Brooke's urban setting shoot

Samantha looks on at Brooke’s urban setting shoot

The “Best Things” shoot was a collection of Australian women who had all done something remarkable in their lives this year. Brooke’s celebrity interviewer role for Nestle had earned her a spot in one of Australia’s premiere publications!

In the article, Brooke spoke of the thrill of meeting Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan, and how he had given her tips on her acting career.

Brooke said afterwards that featuring in Marie Claire was “a dream come true”!

Marie Claire feature




Find out more about Marie Claire magazine at their official website here.

Marie Claire makeup



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