Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package booking tips

A beginner’s guide to Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages by people who have booked & experienced them

The Tokyo Disney Resort official Vacation Packages webpage


Booking an official Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package can be incredibly confusing. Here we’ve done some simple costings, plus added the invaluable experiences of our Tokyo Disney Holiday Planning Facebook group members – and their photos of what you actually get!

Tokyo Disney Hotel Vacation Packages

Tokyo Disneyland offer a few vacation packages that you can book a month earlier than just room bookings alone (which are available three months in advance).

Basically, the “Enjoy Lots Of Attractions – 2 Days” vacation package – includes the following per person:

Tokyo Disney Popcorn Bucket, exclusive to vacation packages. Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort website

Tokyo Disney Popcorn Bucket, exclusive to vacation packages. Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort website

One night at the below listed hotels (prices vary and are listed below), 1 x Disneyland and 1 x Disney Sea park tickets, Attraction (Premier Access) tickets x 3, 1 x hotel breakfast and some other bits and pieces such as a drink package (Beverage Ticket that includes unlimited soft drinks in the park) and a shoulder bag. The package also includes 1 x exclusive popcorn bucket voucher per booked room (they are called “popcorn cases”)

Tokyo Disney vacation package attraction passes for 2 people 1 day on the Tokyo Disney App - photo from group member Stacey

Tokyo Disney vacation package attraction passes for 2 people 1 day on the Tokyo Disney App – photo from group member Stacey

The next package up (higher cost) includes the opportunity to book a character greeting in advance with Mickey Mouse in Micky’s House or Minnie Mouse in Minnie’s Style Studio (no professional photos are available) at Tokyo Disneyland.

There are also 3 day (2 night) vacation packages available.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages calendar for October 2023

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages calendar for October 2023

How much are Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages?

Using the cheapest prices available for all Tokyo Disney hotels on October 1 2023 as an example…

Hotels available for the cheapest “Enjoy Lots Of Attractions – 2 Days” Vacation Packages are:

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (JPY¥69,800 yen/AUD$746.16/USD$478.41)

Disney Ambassador Hotel (JPY¥70,100/AUD$749.37/USD$480.26)

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta (JPY¥77,400/AUD$827.41/USD$530.34)

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel (JPY¥61300/AUD$655.30/USD$420.03)

Tokyo Disney Facebook Group advice

Our Tokyo Disneyland Facebook Group members are generously sharing their experiences with their Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package stays.

Here are our group member’s tips, tricks and hacks to book, stay, show you what you actually get and much more.

What group members say…

[Updated cost analysis]
Apologies, I realised that the vacation package used for the comparison below is for 1A2C. I’ve adjusted all the ala carte pricing accordingly. Want to update this asap so everyone can make a more informed decision. I’d encourage members to do their own analysis as pricing varies based on number of people/rides selected/season etc.
[Original post]
For those who are hesitant about booking the vacation packages due to the high prices, but worried that they may not get their desired Disney hotel when booking slots become available, I’m sharing my own cost analysis for the Toy Story Hotel, based on the 3 Days Attractions package for 2 adults and 2 kids (7yo and 9yo) with bed use (Standard Room Bay View). I’ve used weekend rates for the ala carte cost analysis. JPY has been converted to USD.
Hope this helps! – Ann

Tokyo Disney Vacation Packages price table

Group member Ann did a great Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package price comparison table


What group members say…

For the Aussies travelling;
I just purchased the Toy Story Hotel Vacation Package to lock in my dates (24/12/23-26/12/23) & because it was killing me not being able to book otherwise due to it being Christmas period.

I could only book a max of 2 nights (i wanted 3).

For 2x adults, 12yrs & 9yrs it came to $4,337.24AUD. I thought only a deposit was going to be charged, but the whole amount has come off my card. So be weary of this.

Includes per person:
2 nyts in Bay View Room
2x Breakfast
1x Disneyland Pass + Attraction Tix
2x DisneySea Pass + Attraction Tix
Comes with some other minor souvenir things.

I spent alot of time looking at the different rides before selecting which attraction pass & time. There are YouTube clips for each ride so you can get a glimps what it is like and check height restrictions etc.

What also to be mindful of is, that you have to collect your Vacation Package Documents from the hotel before going to the Park. I didn’t think of this and booked a 9am attraction time on our check in day. So I’m hoping we can pick up super early or the night prior. Of not, we’ll be hustling 🏃🏼‍♀️

What group members say…

Their “Thanksgiving” is always on 23rd and it’s celebrated nationally, where as Christmas isn’t a national holiday for them, which could be the reason for the higher cost. Did the vacation package allow you to book just one room for all 4 of you? I just booked last night 2 adults 2 children (ages 3&6) for $2079 USD, it allows the 3yo to bed share. – Group member

What group members say…

…Their vacation packages are likely still an available as they must reserve a certain number of rooms for these.

The rooms (not in the vacation packages) book out so fast, when I did it they were literally dropping off before my eyes. It is hectic. – Group member

Admin note: At the current time it appears that room packages that include reserved seating for parades applies only to Japanese resident vacation package bookings.

How soon can I pick up my Tokyo Disney Vacation Package park tickets?

General info coming through says you can’t pick up your tickets the night before your first day commences but you can get your tickets from your hotel (some say the Disney ticketing office, however be guided by your personal Vacation Package information) from 7am (not 6am) the morning of your first day.

Whilst you can leave your baggage at your Disney hotel you can’t check into your room early (until check in time later) or get Happy (early) Entry to the parks for that first Vacation Package day.

What group members say…

We stayed at Toy Story but were at the Sheraton the night before our Toy Story check in day. We walked over about 7am, checked in and collected our package tickets/info etc. We were given a room key but access was only from 4.30pm. We didn’t have happy entry for day 1 (DisneySea) but had timed entry passes, drink vouchers etc that could all be used. We then had happy entry for Disney the next day, left all our bags at hotel for the day at guest services and didn’t return until later that night.

What group members say…

You don’t receive the “Package” until your Check in day. It’s a large folder and inside are all your tickets, premium passes etc.
When you enter the park (early entry 15 mins included) cast member will scan the ticket and you can then scan it into the app.

You receive a package with all the tickets, perforated tickets, you rip them off and present them at the gate, they scan your paper ticket.

Attraction ticket is for meet and greets, supposedly shows.
They have scheduled times for all and you select which time after you get the package confirmation.
On the website you sign into your account and go to the vacation package tab or there is a section (can’t remember the name) it’s like a wallet, you open it and it shows the package and dates etc click to add experiences and your choices of premium passes and attractions (Attractions only come with w specific package choice)

Just to add, it is much easier to navigate the package information if you use a browser and better to use the JP site and change the language to English.

Sorry also forgot to mention that premium passes have a select few rides to choose from but there is also a choice for “Eligible “rides that are lumped together e,g poohs hunny hut, Rodger rabbit etc

Here’s an example of some of the tickets you get (depending on how many people booked and how many days.
Each of these are presented in a sheet per day.

Tokyo Disney Vacation Package bag and tickets - Photo : Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney Vacation Package bag and tickets – Photo : Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney tickets - Photo: Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney tickets from a Tokyo Disney Vacation Package – Photo: Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney Vacation Package shoulder bag - Photo: Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney Vacation Package shoulder bag – Photo: Victoria, Group Member

– Victoria, Group member

What group members say…

The big difference (with Vacation Packages) is you can book the hotel earlier than three months out (around 4 months) so you get a head start. It also includes breakfast, your tickets and booking their version of fast pass for popular rides. But, it comes at a cost. Definitely more expensive than booking everything separately but it certainly is convenient and gives a better chance of getting the hotel you wanted. Same process with the website but just choose vacation package rather than hotel. – Group member

What group members say…

Personally I guess depends how old are you and your kids and how much time do you have ?

Personally dropped the idea of vacation packages as foreigner can only get the option of 2 days in sea and 1 day in land for a 3d2n package.

Did a brief calculation for the dates I wanted to visit, the package simply 2x the cost of hotel (2nights at Disneyland hotel + 3 days park tickets). Disclaimers: My kids are younger and not able to get on all rides

If you don’t mind the cost and wanted to have most the popular rides, package May suit you. – Group member

How do I book a Tokyo Disney Vacation Package?

You can book a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package on the official Tokyo Disney website.

Where can I buy discounted Tokyo Disneyland Tickets online?

You can read our in-depth guide on how to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets online here.

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