Tokyo Disneyland Holiday Planning Facebook Group members’ tips

The essential beginner’s guide to Tokyo Disney Resort by our Facebook group members! Your FAQs answered, including hacks for how to book Disney hotels, get early entry, buy cheap tickets & much more…

Tokyo Disneyland Small World ride

If you’ve ever tried booking a Tokyo Disneyland Hotel room on the official website you may have already come away frustrated at how difficult it is to navigate.

High room demand and complicated booking rules make it even more difficult to understand, particularly with some of the website pages not offering English translations, and in some instances, less value-adds for non-Japanese resident users.

Luckily, our Tokyo Disneyland Facebook Group members are generously sharing their successful techniques to secure the Tokyo Disney hotel rooms of their choice – and much more!

Here are our group member’s tips, tricks and hacks to book TDL hotel rooms, room prices, best times to visit and much more.

In this article you can find out more about:


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Before you book for Tokyo Disney Resort, avoid these dates…

Tokyo Disneyland is always busy, but some days are busier!

Tokyo Disneyland is always busy, but some days are busier!

When is it busy at Tokyo Disneyland?

Public Holidays and Weekends – if you have the option of avoiding Japanese public holidays and weekends, do. They will usually be busier than weekdays.

29 April to early May – Golden week. This is a week containing 4 separate public holidays and is a very busy time at Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disney Resort entrance queues

Tokyo Disney Resort entrance queues

What group members say…

March can also be a hard time to book and prices will be higher because cherry blossoms and spring break.
Early April is usually spring break for both the American schools here (surprisingly there are a lot) and Japanese schools. It’s not the worst time but it will be busy.
Most days in October will be crowded, weekdays included. Though weekdays tend to be slightly less crowded. For the most part Sept 15th- October will be busy since it’s Halloween season.
Sept 15 through just after new years is usually fairly busy and the Disney hotels tend to book up. That’s the start of Halloween then moving into Christmas and then New Years is a big deal in Japan. Right between the end of Halloween and beginning of Christmas can be a tad slower as they transition decorations but for the most part, those few months can book fast. – Megan

Tokyo Disney Resort crowd calendar

Tokyo Disney Resort crowd calendar

Is there a crowd calendar for Tokyo Disney Resort?

Yes there is this crowd calendar website – you’ll need to open it in a browser with a translate option like Chrome. (On a smart phone, right click on the page and select “translate”)

When is the best weather at Tokyo Disney?

October is very nice weather. Not too cold or hot. Tshirt/light jumper weather.
February is very cold but fine – jackets and gloves weather.

What group members say…

August is so hot and humid!!! – Group member

I like autumn. November has nice weather, not so hot and not so cold. Christmas decorations start around the 2nd week of Nov I believe – Jane

Premier Access and Priority Pass fast passes

If you need to visit during busy times it can be a great advantage to make use of the new Priority Pass ride queue skipping lane or buy Premier Access fast passes for rides like the incredibly popular Beauty and the Beast ride. You can only book these once you’ve entered the parks.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to scan your Premier Access pass after you’ve purchased it on the App. You can see a Premier Access pass price list here.

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Where can I book Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel rooms?

You can book official Tokyo Disneyland Hotels on the official Tokyo Disneyland website or through a travel agent – but they don’t get any earlier access than you would booking for yourself.

Let’s start with what we know – the information found on the official Tokyo Disney website regarding official hotel bookings…

From the official Tokyo Disney Resort website:

“Hotel reservations can be made from *11:00 a.m. (*Tokyo, Japan time) on the day three months before your stay.”
“…you can make a reservation from 11:00 a.m. on the 1st of the following month. (Example: For July 31 check-in date, reservations are accepted from 11:00 a.m., May 1.)”

How do I book Tokyo Disneyland Hotels for New Year’s Eve?

It’s possible that the parks may close early on NYE like previous years (around 9pm).

From the official Tokyo Disney Resort website:

“Reservations for stays on December 31, 2023 and/or January 1, 2024 will be accepted from 11:00 a.m. on October 1, 2023. (Reservations for one night on either December 31 or January 1 are also accepted.)”

How many nights can I book at Tokyo Disney Hotels?

From the official Tokyo Disney Resort website:

“Up to five nights and three rooms can be booked at the same time.”

This is the extent of the official Tokyo Disney booking website information regarding bookings.

Now here are our Tokyo Disneyland Group member’s actual experiences & recommendations

Tokyo Disney Celebration Wish hotel foyer

Tokyo Disney Celebration Wish hotel foyer

Be prepared to book quickly!

What group members say…

What I found worked was to already be logged in and have a booking selected already for the day before so all the particulars are already selected such as # nights, # rooms, # adults and children etc then at the right time refresh the page and choose the new date that you want – Rachel 

We are family of 5 and just booked for Disneyland hotel for November – the rooms go super fast (within 4 minutes). I did a few practice bookings to get familiar with the systems and room types etc. Logged on before 11am, made sure I was logged in to my Disney account and clicked through to booking. Hit refresh at bang on 11:00am. We got our first choices, 3 nights in corner room park view in Disneyland and then 1 at Toy Story to experience the theming x – Group member

Just don’t give up. As many have said just keep refreshing. I would agree log on 10 mins before. Even do a search for the last available date with your adult/child info, select the exact hotel and search. Then at 11am, refresh the page and just change the date only.

I believe they either release more or people are just not completing the book or canceling. I accidentally clicked the wrong room type at Toy Story then mistakenly clicked back and everything was gone. At 11:40am quite a few popped up and I got the one I wanted. A tad stressful but I just clicked refreshed literally every minute & was worth it to get what I wanted.

Good luck! Hope you get it. Just say on it and make sure you know exactly what room type you want so you can click immediately. – Tiffany

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located directly opposite the front entrance to the park

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located directly opposite the front entrance to the park

Tokyo Disney hotels bed-share rules

What group members say…

“We’re a fam of 5 and staying at Toy Story and Disneyland hotel.
You can bed share if you have a child under 11. Ours are 7/5/3 and I’ll probably share with the 3yo or we’ll have the 5yo and 3yo go together.”- Group member

How do I book Disney Toy Story Hotel rooms?

What group members say…

We booked the toy story hotel (Says booking opens tokyo time, so remember that when booking too), but when we went to book we thought we’d missed everything cos there were only a few left. We ended up refreshing the page a few times and maybe 10 mins later what we wanted came up. Also what we saw on the comp and phone were different 🤷‍♀️ –Miranda 

Toy Story Hotel partial view, square view & bay view rooms

What group members say…

…I have successfully booked Toy story hotel for stay on 31st Oct. I have logged in 10 minutes earlier to get ready, and you really need to refresh at 11am sharp to book the rooms. Within 1 min, partial view and square view were totally sold out. I was lucky to get bay view as I had chose standard view initially. So my advice is 3 months before your intended date, log in earlier and refresh exactly at 11am. I know it sounds crazy, but it works for me. Good luck to all! 😘 – Miki

Multiple date booking problems

What group members say…

(About not being able to book more than two nights) You will have to pick another room at that hotel if available or a room at a different Disney hotel that has rooms available. It’s very unlikely you would be able to stay in the same room. It’s just saying about choosing the room for the other night to let you know you can do it all in one booking, even if it’s a room at another Disney hotel – Group member

How far in advance you can book Tokyo Disney Hotels?

What group members say…

A lot of hotels here will only let you book 3-6 months out. The Disney ones for example are 3 months out and even before covid it was only 6 months out as the max. – Megan

When can I book Tokyo Disney Hotels for Christmas Day?

According to the official website two months prior booking rule, you will be able to attempt to book Christmas Day Tokyo Disney Hotels accommodation on 26th October. I would do a practice run on the 25th of October 11am Tokyo time just to be on the safe side!

About staying at multiple Disney hotels

What group members say…

We recently did a stay with three different Disney hotels. All were on the same booking which made it super easy and they moved our luggage for us so we could still utilize the happy 15. – Megan

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea

Can I use Visa to book?

What group members say…

I ended up having to make 2 bookings, the first I did on computer and the second I did on my phone and both worked with no issues, and I used Visa too – Rachel

What if my Credit Card doesn’t work on the Tokyo Disney website?

Contact your credit card company- they may not be allowing the transaction as suspicious.

What if I can’t get the dates or booking I want? Hotel cancellations

You are allowed to phone on the day to check for cancellations by phone.

What group members say…

You could keep checking as people do cancel sometimes. And you can always ask at check in just in case. It’s not impossible but they may be able to accommodate a change at check in. – Megan

Tokyo Disney hotels early check in/luggage

You can drop your bags off at reception in the morning of check in day and leave your bags at the hotel while you go to the park on check out day. There are also large lockers for hire at both Tokyo and Mahaima Stations (TDL Station).

Do I need to book breakfast at Tokyo Disney Resort hotels?

Yes, make your breakfast reservations as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

What group members say…

For the hotel breakfast make sure you secure your reservations. The pre park opening timings go quickly and months in advance. – Alison

We did quick breakfast Starbucks and then food in the park so we didn’t waste time. – Catherine

Tokyo Disneyland surrounding Hotel Prices

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disney Hotel

What group members say…

We got an Alice themed room there for 4 night , 4 people , we are there late October (2022) and it is 283000 yen (AUD$3051.00/USD$1946.00). Not including my breakfast which didn’t have a price when I booked it. I think enjoy the splurge for lifetime memories. – Group member

Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel

What group members say…

…i looked at hilton (Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel) for october and it was very expensive – *£250pn (AUD$497/USD$318) and most double rooms had gone – also its another £30 or so for refundable – all my hotels for my Oct trip offer refundable as standard bar them.

so i am staying at sheraton (Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel) next door. – Group member

Where can I buy discounted Tokyo Disneyland tickets?

How to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets

No time to read? Watch our step-by-step Youtube video guide here!

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You can buy cheap Tokyo Disneyland tickets online using the Klook website for discounted Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

You can save an additional USD$20 (available worldwide) using my promocode LETSGOMUM20

if it’s your first booking – but you must use this access link:

Buy your Tokyo Disneyland tickets online here

Do Klook tickets work with the 15 minutes early entry pass you get when staying in a Disney hotel?

Yes they do. You can use Klook tickets as your park ticket for use with the Disney Hotel Happy Entry pass.

How far in advance can I buy Tokyo Disney Resort tickets?

You can buy tickets two months in advance on Klook.

Should I print out my Tokyo Disney Resort tickets?

No, printed tickets are not accepted at the entrance gates. You must have your ticket voucher barcodes or linked Tokyo Disneyland App ticket barcodes on your phone ready to be scanned.

How do I transfer/link my Tokyo Disneyland tickets onto the Tokyo Disneyland App?

Tokyo Disney disability ticket after scanned into Tokyo Disney App - Photo: Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney disability ticket after scanned into Tokyo Disney App – Photo: Victoria, Group Member

Tokyo Disney AppTake a photo of your ticket barcode on another phone (or PC) and then scan that barcode photo into your Tokyo Disney App.

You can see this process in our explainer Tokyo Disney Resort tickets YouTube video here.

Where do I download the Tokyo Disney App?

Download the Tokyo Disney App on iphone here at the Apple App Store or on Android at the Google Play store here.

What do the symbols mean on the Tokyo Disney App?

Tokyo Disney App symbols

Tokyo Disney App symbols

What group members say…

Priority pass are the free fast passes they are doing for the 40th anniversary. There are only certain rides you can get them for. I believe you can get a second one after you use the first or two hours, whichever is sooner.

Premier access are the paid fast passes. They are paid per person per ride and are single use. You can purchase as many as you like as long as they are available. Those you can get the next one after the first one is used or after one hour, whichever is sooner. There are only a select few rides at each park that these can be used on.

Entry request is the lottery for shows. You get one chance for each show each day. If you don’t win the lottery you don’t get the show, unless you go to one of the first come first served viewings. Though I don’t believe you get assigned seats and will have a specific seating area (and keep in mind some people line up an hour or more before that showing to get a seat). Also, not all shows/showing will have the first come first served viewings.

Standby pass is for when they are trying to reduce the number of people in each shop or restaurant at a time. Typically those are only needed when new merchandise comes out. They are free and you request it on the app. You will get a time slot that you can enter the shop or restaurant and all persons in your party need to be there at the same time. If you miss you time you miss out on that shop/restaurant. – Megan

Where can I buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets?

Tokyo Disneyland tickets

Tokyo Disneyland tickets

Guaranteed Tokyo Disneyland tickets

In addition to the buying TDL tickets from the Klook website, you can buy Disneyland and DisneySea tickets as part of a vacation package, or from the front desk of your official Disney hotel during your stay. 

You can also buy tickets on the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, and at the Welcome Center upon arrival at the train station at Disneyland. You cannot buy them at the entrance gates.

One day single tickets, plus half day, evening and two day ticket passes (finish end of August 2023) are currently available.

Bad points

Non-refundable – Unlike Klook, these tickets are non refundable

More expensive- these tickets usually work out to be more expensive after Klook discounts

Good points:

Guaranteed – guaranteed tickets to both parks are available from official Disney hotels from check in to check out day inclusive (but you can’t buy a multiple day ticket on check out day, just single day tickets)

You can buy disabled one day passes online – more about Tokyo Disney disability tickets here

Official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels have a ticket counter

Official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels have a ticket counter

What is Tokyo Disney Happy Entry 15 minutes early entry?

Guests of official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels are given Happy Entry 15 mins early entry to Tokyo Disneyland, and some of the luxury hotels also receive it for DisneySea. You can read all about Tokyo Disney early entry in our feature article here.

What are the Tokyo Disneyland partner hotels?

These hotels are Tokyo Disney partner hotels. They offer a complimentary shuttle bus to the Tokyo Disney Resort parks. They don’t offer Happy 15 Entry early entry to the Disney Parks.

What are Tokyo Disney Official Hotels?

In addition to the free shuttle bus services, these hotels offer a luggage delivery service to and from the Welcome Centre at the Mahaima JR Railway Station. They don’t offer Happy Entry (15 minutes early entry).

Which other hotels offer a free shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

Hotel Tokyo East 21 (30 minute shuttle)

Do Tokyo Disney Resort partner hotels give Happy Entry?

No. There are no hotels other than official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels that offer the 15 minutes early entry.

Tokyo Disney hotel star ratings

What group members say…

Toy Story and celebration is 3 star and then ambassador is 4 star . The other two 5 star – Group member.

Disney Hotel locations

Hotel Miracosta at Tokyo DisneySea

Hotel Miracosta at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel Miracosta

What group members say…

Mira costa is the only one (hotel)  in the park but Disneyland hotel is literally right in front of land’s entrance.

Ambassador and Toy Story are both quick monorail rides from the park and have easy access, just a little longer to get to from the parks.

Celebration is the farthest and will take about 15-20 minutes to get to and from once on the bus.

MiraCosta is located in DisneySea. – Megan

Tokyo Disney Celebration has a shuttle bus to the parks

Tokyo Disney Celebration has a shuttle bus to the parks

About specific hotels

Tokyo Disney Resort Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disneyland hotel is located right outside the gates of Disneyland.

How do I contact the Tokyo Disney Resort Disneyland Hotel?

You can attempt to phone, however unless you speak Japanese there are reports of translator issues or being caught in a Japanese recording loop. I have phoned the Disney Celebration Hotel number about an upcoming booking and there was a translator contacted to assist. It took around ten minutes to contact the translator and there were some difficulties being understood even then.

What is the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Hotel phone number?

For all Tokyo Disney Resort international general enquiries (English speaking), call:

(Your country’s international exit code), and then +81 45 330 5211
From Australia – 0011 +81 45 330 5211
From the USA – 011 +81 45 330 5211

How can I email Tokyo Disney Resort?

You’ll find the official Contact Page including an email form here.

Disney Resort Ambassador Hotel

What group members say…

We stayed at the Ambassador, it had the free bus to the park, we did Disney monorail instead short walk to that and its cafes. Steps outside hotel there was Disney store and lots of retail shops and restaurants ideal for evening if didn’t want hotel food. Ambassador is old style American not crazy themed but I liked that as we’re not crazy on themed rooms. – Catherine

Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador versus Toy Story hotel

What group members say…

Ambassador has more traditional Mickey/Minnie theming whereas toy story is as the name suggests, themed like the movie. Ambassador has the only meet and greet character restaurant and is near a collection of shops and restaurants which are separate to the park (if you want a break from hotel restaurants). Toy Story is a relatively new hotel and (I believe) is cheaper – Lucienne

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

What group members say…

They have a store with Toy Story hotel exclusive merch, one side is more woody themed and one side is more buzz themed in the elevator entry areas.

There is coin operated laundries available.

The only dining on site is lotso garden cafe which needs a booking and does a buffet for breakfast and offers dinner also I believe.

There was a convenience store in the hotel which was awesome to grab drinks and snacks at a good price.

You only get happy entry to Disneyland (15 mins early) not Disney sea.

All the displays being brand new look great and you only get access to the grounds if you stay there. There is stuff at the front of the hotel and within the hotel.

Rooms are a bit small and not very deluxe feeling but as a place to crash after being out all day it serves its purpose! – Group member

What is Disney Celebration Hotel like?

The budget hotel. You need to catch a free 15 minute shuttle bus for this hotel to reach the parks. Luggage delivery to and from the station is not offered.

Disney Celebration hotel has themed rooms - on a budget!

Disney Celebration hotel has themed rooms – on a budget!

…It’s cheap, guaranteed tickets, happy 15 for land, and the *conbini (*Japanese convenience store) is a decent size. We don’t mind the bus ride. – Megan

More non-Disney Hotels near Disneyland general experiences

Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel

Hilton isn’t far, it has a stop on the monorail loop. It’s kinda in between Mira Costa and Disneyland hotel. – Megan

We are currently staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. We … booked the Happy Magic room. Room size is great for our family.

Few things we learned…

1-Hotel charges 4000 yen for pool use per person. Only accepts reservations and may be booked.

2-Our stay included breakfast but when we got here they said kids were not included unless we booked them as adults when making our initial reservation🤷🏼‍♀️ About $75usd extra per day for the kids to eat

3-Breakfast buffet is good but the food is the same every day

4- The hotel shuttle does not take you to the theme parks. It only takes you to the Bayside station and from there you need to take the monorail to the parks. The station is less than a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

5-You cannot purchase park tickets at the hotel or at the parks. You need to purchase them online

the hotel is very nice! – Group member

Can highly recommend Hilton Tokyo Bay (which I believe is next door to the Toy Story hotel & easy monorail to parks). I booked ages in advance after signing up for Hilton Honours, and got it at about 40% off during one of their members only pre sales (not sure if they’re still doing these post Covid tho).
TS wasn’t built on our previous visits but from what I can see is incredibly hard to get. – Group member

Sheraton Tokyo Bay

We are at Sheraton Tokyo Bay a neighbour hotel and no food other than hotel it’s been our biggest issue – Karen

We will be doing 2+2 days at land and sea next month.🎉we found the Disney hotels a bit pricey so have chosen Sheridan Tokyo Bay as it has family room is on monorail system and the 15 mins early entry Disney officer is a joke. 🤞all goes well – Karen


Grand Nikki Tokyo Bay

We were there in August
Great rooms
Great breakfast
Métro not far at ALL
A bad thing : thé swimming pool is extra cost and kids were not allowed ALL day 😢

easy by métro !! Not far – It is just in front the hôtel – – Group member

Yes, I stayed there last Nov. Large room, very specious. The breakfast line can be very long though. The check-in can be long as well. Then you can leave the bags with bell captain so that you can go out and enjoy the park or shop at Inspiraki. – Jane

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is a Disney partner hotel with several shuttles running to disneyland and disneysea. Also, if you take the Limousine Bus from Haneda airport it will drop you directly in front of the hotel. I arrived at the airport at night around 9pm. The JR Shin Urayasu station is also directly connected to the hotel with aging but sufficient malls within walking distance. There is also a convenience store right in the hotel. Getting to Narita airport from the hotel though is a different story. I had to take the free Disney shuttle to Disneyland in order to hop on a Limousine Bus from there. But it was easy and I could take my luggage with me. – Group member

Hyatt regency at Tokyo bay

Hyatt regency at Tokyo bay – we stayed there this week with our 3 kids and we love it! They have a bus to take you Disneyland or Disney sea. Shops are close by and a big shopping mall as well in case you want to do a bit of shopping in a more quiet area.
My daughter was really sick one night, the hotel staff were super helpful as an ambulance was called as well.
I highly recommended for families – Group member

Many more Tokyo Bay, Maihama Hotels surrounding Tokyo Disneyland are available to book – check availability on the Trip Advisor website here.

Commuting from Tokyo hotels to TDL

MIMARU Ueno Hotel, Tokyo

Read our review of the Mimaru Hotel, Ueno (including a room tour) here:

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

We stayed at the imperial hotel (Imperial Hotel Tokyo) and took the train to Disney. We’re going again in 2025, and will probably stay in central Tokyo and take the train again. I hate moving hotels…..and it is such a waste of time. Hop in the train, it’s pretty easy – Group member.

Many more Tokyo Hotels are available to book – check availability on the Trip Advisor website here.

How do I get to Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea?

There are various ways to get to Tokyo Disneyland. Many are according to budget, and your own travel timetable.
Any journeys arriving at the Disneyland train station of Mahaima also require a five minute walk to the front gates of Disneyland, or an extra (at cost – you can use your train pass or buy tickets at the station) 10 minute monorail ride to DisneySea.

How do I get from the airport to Tokyo Disneyland?

There are several ways to get from the Narita and Haneda airports to Tokyo city and Tokyo Disney.

Direct to Tokyo Station, Bus is the cheapest option. Then there are normal trains and fast trains. A JR Pass is a great option if you are using the trains to get around Tokyo and also around Japan.

Private cars are the most expensive but also the most convenient option, as they offer a door-to-door service.

Tokyo Disneyland use the Limousine Bus shuttle service.

How do I get to Tokyo Disneyland from Narita Airport?

Airport Limousine buses operate from Narita Airport at Terminal 2 to Tokyo Disneyland every hour. Tickets cost ¥1900 – ¥2800 and it takes 1h 24m to get to Disneyland.

You can also catch an Airport Limousine bus from Narita Airport direct to Tokyo city.

How do I get to Tokyo Disneyland from Narita Airport by train?

You can catch a local JR Train or take an express train. There are two main types. You can take the JR train Narita Express (N’EX – included in a JR Pass) (58 minutes) or Keisei Express Skyliner express train (33 minutes) from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. Both express trains from Narita to Tokyo run at least once an hour until quite late.

From Tokyo Station catch a JR train Keiyo Line / Musashino Line – it takes about 15 minutes from Tokyo Station.

There is a line painted along the floor at Tokyo Station for tourists to follow to the correct Disneyland destination platform at Tokyo Station.

The journey from Narita to Tokyo station takes between 33 and 58 minutes. From there it’s a JR Rail 15-20 minute trip to Disneyland. Total journey time from Narita Airport to Disneyland station (Mahaima) is around an hour and a half.

How do I book a Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo Disneyland offer a Limousine Bus shuttle which runs from Narita Airport to the Tokyo Disneyland hotels. Reserve your ride when you arrive at the Narita airport at the Limousine Bus counter. Reservation/operating hours of 9am to 6pm. You can reserve a Limousine Bus to Narita Airport at your Disney Hotel reception desk. The journey takes 1 hour and 24 minutes.

How do I book a private car from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disneyland?

You can book private cars and vans from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disneyland 

How do I get to Tokyo Disneyland from Haneda Airport?

Airport Limousine (every 30 minutes) and Keisei Bus (every 4 hours) both operate services from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disneyland.

You can also catch an Airport Limousine bus from Haneda Airport direct to Tokyo city.

How do I book a Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo Disneyland use the Limousine Bus shuttle service which runs from Haneda airport from Terminal 1. Tickets cost USD$10-USD$15 and the journey takes 45 min. Advance reservations are required to travel to and from the airport, or speak to your Disney Hotel information desk – phone 03 – 3665-7220 9am-6pm.

How do I get to Tokyo Disneyland from Haneda Airport by private car or van?

You can book private cars and vans from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disneyland

How do I get from Tokyo to Tokyo Disneyland?

There are both good train and bus options, or you could catch a taxi or order a private car.

How do I catch a train from Tokyo to Disneyland?

To get to Tokyo Disneyland (and so the Disney Hotels on the Monorail next to Mahaima Station) from Tokyo by train, go from Tokyo Station to Maihaima Station.

From Tokyo Station catch a JR train on the Keiyo Line / Musashino Line. It takes about five-ten minutes to walk from the Tokyo loop line platform via the underground tunnel and auto-walkway to the Tokyo Station Disneyland platform. It then takes about another 20 minute train journey to get to Disneyland.

Follow the painted line on the floor of Tokyo Station to get to the platform to catch a train to get to Mahaima Station (Disneyland). Total journey time from Tokyo Station to Mahaima Station (Disneyland) is around 20 minutes.

How do I catch a bus from Tokyo to Disneyland?

You can book the Tokyo city bus to Tokyo Disneyland here.

What group members say…

I’m staying in Shinjuku, it will be my first time going and I’m leaning towards taking the direct bus from Shinjuku Bus Station to the park. It’s *¥1,000 (*AUD$10.74/USD$6.88) and a little bit longer, but will save the hustle and bustle of morning rush hour. – Group member

How do I get from Osaka to Tokyo?

Many tourists visit Osaka for Universal Studios Japan and nearby Kyoto to visit the red gates shrine. It’s a distance from Osaka to Tokyo, but very do-able!

You can fly Jetstar (book via Jetstar Australia to connect with your Australian flights) from Osaka to Tokyo.

You can also catch a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Osaka to Tokyo.

A low-cost option can be to book a Night Highway bus from Osaka to Tokyo.

Consider a JR Pass if you will be using the Japanese rail system often.

Tokyo Disney Welcome Center with luggage delivery

Located on the left next to the Maihama train station immediately upon exit (same level as the ticket office)  is The Welcome Center.

The Welcome Centre offers several services. You can buy park tickets from the Welcome Centre (not guaranteed), pre-check into the Disney hotels (excepting the Toy Story Hotel), (rooms are available after 4:30pm) and will accept luggage for delivery to most Disney hotels (not Disney Celebration Hotel) and large Tokyo Bay hotels whilst you enjoy the parks.

For the following hotels bag delivery, Welcome Center office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and baggage delivery closes at 4:00pm.

Disney Ambassador Hotel
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

This service is also offered for what are called Official Disney Hotels. These office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Just go down the stairs to access this service.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel First Resort
Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel
Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama
Hilton Tokyo Bay
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.

Hotels to Mahaima railway station luggage delivery service

The reverse of the above services. For a fee you can also have your baggage sent to the station from the above listed hotels. Luggage pick up hours are 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Accessibility and Special Needs at Tokyo Disney

Is there Tokyo Disney Resort disabled tickets and special needs accessibility ride access?

Yes, plus cheaper entry tickets. More about this in our Tokyo Disneyland Disability feature article here.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for little girls

How do I book the Tokyo Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

Where your little princess or prince can get a Disney make-over! Dressed up with hair styled and glitter- not cheap but they look adorable in the end.

Located inside the Tokyo Disney Hotel across from the Disneyland gates.
To make a reservation, go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique bookings page .It seems you can only reserve a month ahead, so it may be wise to keep a close eye on dates…and do some trial booking runs!

Tokyo Disneyland Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Photo - Tokyo Disney Resort website

Tokyo Disneyland Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Photo – Tokyo Disney Resort website

Tokyo Disney Hotel Vacation Packages

Tokyo Disneyland offer a few vacation packages that you can book a month earlier than just room bookings alone (which are available three months in advance).

Go to our special Tokyo Disney Vacation Packages feature page to learn more see what members say they are like.

Does Tokyo Disneyland have free wifi?

No, Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have reliable wifi around the parks. You can buy cheap WIFI for Japan that you can pick up at the airports – see the range on Klook here.

Where can I buy Tokyo Disneyland Tickets online?

You can read our guide on how to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets online here.

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What’s the best way to get from Australia to Tokyo Disney?

Fly Jetstar to Tokyo

We partnered with the wonderful Jetstar Australia to fly from Australia to Japan to visit Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland. See Jetstar Australia’s cheap Japan flights here

Jetstar Australia offer cheap fares to Tokyo every day – check their website for their low Tokyo fares and frequent sales.

Buy your Tokyo Disneyland tickets online here

I hope this collection of information and group member recent posts will help you have the best chance to book the Disney Hotel rooms you want and also learn some further tips and tricks for your own upcoming Japan Disney vacation!

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